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The Shining Ending Explained: How Is Jack Linked To The Hotel?

The Shining Ending Explained: How Is Jack Linked To The Hotel?
Jack starts wanting to kill his family.

The Shining is a 1980 psychological horror film, and here we are to get its ending explained. Directed by Stanley Kubrick and co-written with Diane Johnson, The Shining is a film based on the 1977 novel of the same name by Stephen King. And now, it’s been over 40 years from when the film was released. But even so, The Shining manages to stay as one of the most acclaimed horror films in Cinema. While it has faced some criticism about being not true to its source, The Shining still possesses some terrifyingly mysterious aspects. And in this article, we will get The Shining Ending Explained.

The Shining was released back on 23rd May 1980. The film had several versions of releases, all of which had clips cut away from it. While this in itself was an issue for avid watchers, the movie “The Shining” has not remained true to its source, i.e., the novel. Along with this, there are several moments of symbolism that have confused the audience. The confusion arises from the lack of explanation that has occurred due to the cuts to the film. Most of them persist to the ending of The Shining, and we will get it explained here.

The Shining Ending Explained: How Is Jack Linked To The Hotel?


What Happens In The Shining?

The Shining follows the story of the Torrance family headed by Jack Torrance, who has taken a winter caretaker position at the Overlook Hotel in the Rocky Mountains. Here, the Manager, Stuart Ulman, warns him how the previous caretaker killed his family. During this trip, Danny, Jack’s son, gets a seizure. As Jack’s wife takes him to a doctor, we are revealed about Jack’s past and how he had previously abused Danny. Here, in the hotel, the chef Dick Hallorann informs Danny how they were connected through an ability called The Shining. And before Dick leaves for his vacation, he tells Danny not to enter Room 237.

Jack’s health starts deteriorating as he is unable to continue writing. During his violent outbursts, he has begun to long to kill his family. Elsewhere, Danny enters Room 237 out of curiosity which causes him to be hurt physically. Wendy is not ready to believe that it was because of the room but thinks that Danny had self-inflicted the wounds on himself. Meanwhile, Jack, who had stayed sober for quite some time, is enticed to drink by the ghostly bartender Lloyd. Here, a ghost, Grady, tells Jack how Danny has made contact with dick using The Shining. Due to this, he must punish his family. During all this, Wendy starts going through Jack’s manuscripts filled with the same sentences written repeatedly. Just then, Jack starts attacking his wife and daughter, so Wendy resorts to knocking him down using a baseball bat.

The Shining Ending Explained: How Is Jack Linked To The Hotel?

Jack peeking through the door.

What Happens In The Ending Of The Shining?

In the ending, Wendy and Danny have locked Jack up in the pantry. During this, Wendy has Jack escape through th toilet window while she is stuck in a room. Jack breaks in the door using an ax. So, to defend herself, Wendy uses a knife on Jack. Meanwhile, Hallorann, who had made contact with Danny, has flown back to Colorado. He arrives on a snowcat and is soon killed by Jack. Jack goes after Danny through a hedge maze. Here, Danny lays a trap for Jack which causes him to get lost in the maze. During this, Danny gets back with his mom and escapes the hotel on the snowcat Hallorann had arrived using. In the meantime, Jack, who gets lost in the maze, freezes to death.

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The Shining Ending Explained

At the very end of The Shining, we see a photo in the hallway of the hotel. This photo is back from 4th July 1921. Nevertheless, we can see Jack standing amidst the crowd at a party in the picture. One interpretation of the picture is that Jack, like the previous caretakers, was being absorbed by the hotel to do their bidding. And him being present in the photo is a sign of this happening. Another explanation could be that Jack is a reincarnation of the previous caretaker. And both happen to look the same way. This theory is confirmed from Grady’s statement that he made earlier as to how Jack had been working there as the caretaker forever.

The Shining Ending Explained: How Is Jack Linked To The Hotel?

Jack appears in the hotel photo.

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