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The Maidens Ending Explained: The Identity Of The Killer Unveiled!

What do we know about The Maidens Ending Explained? After the overwhelming popularity of the book, The Silent Patient, author Alex Michaelides is back with yet another murder mystery and this time is it even more thrilling than ever! Based on Greek Mythology and set in a secret society in Cambridge, a murder draws attention and the truth is darker than one can imagine! Just like the bestseller The Silent Patient, this book is a gripping tale of love, deceit, and obsession. As the book says, sometimes we keep secrets to ourselves! 

The story makes unique and efficient use of the Greek mythologies and symbols, however, like Alex’s other books, there is a strong psychological undertone that drives the action of the story. When Tara is murdered, the action is set in motion with a charismatic professor suspected to be the culprit! Why would the professor murder one of his students? Well, the answer is riddled with shocking issues! Moreover, two of our beloved characters, Theo Faber and Ruth are back in The Maidens. , eat us take a look at all the details about The Maidens Ending Explained. 

The Maidens Ending Explained

It is finally revealed that Zoe is the killer! Zoe has an unhealthy relationship with Mariana’s late husband Sebastian. The two started this relationship when Zoe was just 15 years old! Soon, Zoe started to have this unhealthy obsession and continued his murderous plans even after his death.

The Maidens Ending Explained


Zoe weaved an intricate plan of keeping Mariana busy with the murder while falsely accusing Fosca of the killings. The ultimate plan was to murder Mariana to get hands-on her fortune and fulfill Sebastian’s evil plans. However, Mariana manages to unveil the truth and Zoe is arrested and taken to a psychiatric facility. Theo, who returns as Zoe’s doctor explains to Mariana how Zoe is also a victim and has unknowingly fallen prey to Sebastian’s abusive trickery!

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Why Did Zoe Kill The Students And Frame Fosca?

The story revolves around Mariana who comes to investigate her niece Zoe’s friend Tara’s murder! She soon suspects that the handsome and charismatic Professor Edward Fosca is the murderer!  Fosca has an impressive hold over his students as they idolized him. He is almost worshipped especially by a group of female students known as The Maidens. Readers soon unearth that the name Maidens is named after the goddess Persephone. Have a look at this social media post. 

While Fosca has a strong alibi to prove his innocence, things become all the more complicated when another murder happens! The thrill of the story is intensified when each victim receives cryptic postcards just before their death. With Zoe being arrested, Fosca is released from the suspicion of being the killer. However, the big question is why Did Zoe kill them and why does she want to seek revenge from Mariana? 

What Was The Big Revelation About Sebastian?

It was not only Zoe whose real intentions were unmasked by the end of the book. It was also unveiled that Sebastian was a bloodthirsty person who had evil intentions all along! Not only did he sexually exploited and manipulated Zoe from a very young age, but he also planned something evil for Mariana as well. Not to forget how Mariana’s father was against the marriage all along. Whirl Zoe admitted that it was Sebastian who killed Mariana’s father when he caught them red-handed.

The Maidens Ending Explained

However, there’s a looming question about the two pages that were torn in between the diary penned down by Sebastian. As Sebastian writes about a terrifying dream of killing his mother, readers wonder whether it was a dream after all! It might be the reality as there were hints that his mother simply left. Sebastian talks about being split in two as he simultaneously had rage fits and this might be the reason for his heinous crimes. It is interesting to note how Zoe also took on some of these qualities and ends up being mentally deranged as she thought that these murders are a tribute to Sebastian. 

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