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Spoilers: The Honor at Magic High School Episode 2

The Honor at Magic High School

The Honor at Magic High School continues with the students using magic as a new form of advanced technology. The episode begins with an exposition at the academy, and the higher-ups announce that a fire has broken out. Students received the message to evacuate using the evacuation route. Two young students try to protect each other, and the brother realizes that his sister can’t breathe because of smoke. The brother tries to protect the sister, and they are trying to escape the building. The girl loses her brother’s hand and falls back, but a magical girl catches her.

The mysterious girl uses her powers to heal the little girl in front of her brother. The two reunite, and the girl told them to escape. The two wonder why that girl is remaining inside the burning building. The brothers all that girl if she is not leaving the building, and the girl heads back after feeling something. The girl dashed at full speed and said she is the magician who won’t run away from trouble, Miyuki Shiba. Miyuki continued to save people inside the building and said that this is what she does. Later after the mission, Miyuki headed back home and met with her brother after a shower.

Miyuki’s brother reminds her about her birthday and wonders what she wants for her birthday. Miyuki tries to think about what she wants, and her brother told her that he could give anything using his power. She told him to spend the whole day with her. On 25 March 2095, the day of her birthday arrives. Miyuki enjoys hanging around the mall with her brother. The brother comments that the weather is also celebrating Miyuki’s birthday.

Previously on The Honor at Magic High School Episode 1

Miyuki and her brother enjoy traveling around, and he asks her if she wants to go somewhere. Miyuki replies that anywhere is fine as long as her brother is with her. She saw the couples embracing each other and tried to hold her brother’s hand, but she hesitates. The brother notices that and offers his hand to her. Miyuki comments that they are not boyfriends and girlfriends but brothers and sisters. They both hold their hands and walk like couples. Miyuki realizes that they are now fifteen-year-old students but different with months since her brother’s birthday is around the corner.

The two head to the shopping store, and Miyuki tries different costumes, and they later went to the restaurant. The restaurant got fully packed since other couples notice them from the beginning and think they are lovers. An influential guy arrives in the hotel, and the waiter told him the place got packed for some reason—everyone notices why the site is filled and wonders what kind of love is between those two. The stingy managers decided to keep Miyuki and her brother busy to earn more money. The manager told the waiter to keep on serving the two food.

The Honor at Magic High School

The Honor at Magic High School

Miyuki’s Birthday: Cute Couple

The plan worked perfectly, and Miyuki enjoys eating ”special” Lovers’ Parfait; Miyuki is surprised that they are calling them lovers. Her brother told the waiter that they didn’t order Lover’s Parfait. The waiter replies that it is a special treat on the house and praises the two to look cute, making them get this special treat. Miyuki thinks they will look more attractive when they feed each other with a spoon like cute couples. The waiter adds that it will deepen the bond between the two. Miyuki’s brother is embarrassed that people think they are lovers.

Miyuki thinks it won’t look good if they eat Lovers Parfait in public. Her brother comments that they can enjoy it if she wants. Miyuki is surprised that her brother is feeding her in public, and the citizens around tried to copy the two. They also enjoy the scene when the two wipe the creams on their lips. The visitors told the waiters to serve them more Lovers’ Parfait. The manager made a lot of fortune, and the two decided to head home. Miyuki asks her brother about what happened, and he replies that it is two of them having a meal together.

The two decided to enter another shop, and Miyuki thought that her brother wanted to kiss her. Miyuki realizes that she was thinking about something different, and they buy some jewelry. The couples inside the hotel keep on following the two and buy the same thinking and copy everything Miyuki does with her brother. The two had a wonderful time and the seller comets that flowers got made for Miyuki. The next day they start to attend the magical academy. Miyuki is glad that she will be doing everything with her brother.

The Honor at Magic High-School Episode 2 Release Date

The latest episode of The Honor at Magic High School Episode 2 release date is 10 July. This anime is available online on Funimation

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