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Tappytoon is a digital platform that originated in South Korea and is operated and developed by an entertainment company that ventures investors back.

It was founded back in 2013 and is based in Seoul, Korea. It was ranked the number 1 comic application on the Android platform in both Europe and North America. On iOS, it was in the top 5 applications in the book category.

In November 2022, Tappytoon surpassed 7 million users in more than 241 countries. In 2022, they exceeded over 380 million views worldwide on its official website and smartphone applications.


With the help of an investment from SOSV, the English language, the services of Tappytoon were launched in August 2016.

In May 2017, they got investment from BonAngels Venture Partners in the seed funding round.

In 2018, they were ranked #1 in the Android application comic category in Europe and North America; subsequently, on the iOS platform, they were in the top 5 in the app book category.

In March 2020, they got Series A funding from KB Investment. Later in July, they launched services in French and German language.

In March 2021, they got Series B funding from Naver Webtoon. Then, later in July, Tappytoon opened a studio for their original production; this was a huge step forward for the company. In August, they launched a web-novel service for the readers.

In March 2022, they closed series B2 funding from K2 Investment, Han River Zium, and Korea Development Bank. In November, they passed 7 million registered users, which is huge.

Tappytoon Popular Webtoons

The stories that focus on villainess are increasingly becoming the most popular genre in the industry. Some of these plots are an extension of Isekai, where the female main character does, but soon enough, their soul gets transferred into a villainess’s body in the book they were reading.

While others get reincarnated into the villainess just a few years before their surprising demise, and the protagonist is adamant about avoiding the same ending.

Tappytoon is one of the biggest platforms that process webcomics to readers worldwide. Some webcomics are The Villainess Lives Again and What It Takes to be a Villainess.

Tappytoon, Home of Fresh Stories

The current trend is villainess stories; Sun Bang, the co-founder, believes that the interest in these types of stories comes from character building and the plot’s authenticity.

He believes that the K-webtoons are something new for the readers. Ernest Woo believes stories about queens, royalty, and kings are not going out of fashion; they’re evergreen and will always be there.

Tappytoon Official Categories

You’ll be greeted with trending comics when you visit the official page. But for specific readers, there are also categories.

In the romance category, the top titles are Who Made Me a Princess with 7.6 million reads, The Reason Why Raeliana Ended up at the Duke’s Mansion with 7.4 million reads, The Lady and the Beast with 3.8 million views, and many other titles with more than a million views.

In the action category, the top titles are The Game I Came From with 1.2 million reads, Ranker’s Return with 1.1 million reads, A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special with 4.5 million reads, and Dungeon Reset with 2.1 million reads.

In the BL category, the top titles are Cherry Blossoms, with a whopping 14.3 million reads; Mistaken Lover, with 2.3 million reads; and How to Snag an Alpha, with 1.9 million reads.

In the Fantasy category, the top titles are Daughter of the Emperor with 10.2 million reads, The Evil Princess Dreams of a Gingerbread House with 1 million reads, and others with millions of reads.

In the Drama category, the most popular comics are The Villainess Lives Again, with 3.7 million reads, and Light and Shadow, with a whopping 12 million reads.

In the GL category, only one title that has managed to get a million reads is On a Leash, with more than 1.3 million reads.

Tappytoon’s Most Viewed Titles

Every month, the platform releases more than 2,500 episodes with 30-35 new comics and Webtoons each month. These are a lot of titles for the readers.

Some of the most-read titles are I’m Not The Final Boss’ Lover, The Broken Ring: This Marriage Will Fail Anyway, No Moral, The Male Lead is Mine, Father, I Don’t Want This Marriage, and a lot of other titles.

Tapytoon’s Library

Tappytoon has German, French, and English titles licensed from Asian and other Korean publishers such as Mr. Blue, Kakao Entertainment, Haksan, Comico, and Jaedam.

The platforms also have comics that bind to other media like games, K-drama, and K-pop. Tappytoon also considers the titles depend on the public demands, interests, and needs, which makes it a bonus for readers.

From July 2021, Tappytoon’s Studio imprint will allow the creators of the comics to publish original works. In the same year, Tappytoon launched the web-novel service on its platform.

Sun-Bang, who is the co-founder of the company, stated that the option for having both webtoon and novel versions creates a tandem for the readers and allows them to migrate to other versions seamlessly and enjoy both versions in their webtoon is available.

As of December 2022, 79% of Tappytoon readers were from the U.S. The most popular genres among Americans were romance at 57%, Boy’s Love (BL) at 17%, Action at 12%, and others at 14%, a miscellaneous category.

In the interviews with co-founders of Tappytoon Sun Bang and Ernest Woo, they felt that female readers were few or were ignored or overlooked by American comics and superheroes.

They plan to try attracting the respected demographics on their platform by providing quality female-driven stories whose main characters are willing to take control of their lives. They’ll also protect anyone in need and make things right by making tough decisions, irrespective of whatever the issue is, either personal or more impactful societal issues such as catharsis, empowerment, inspiration, or humor. It is all in their vision to make it resonate with their female readers.

Tappytoon Content

The comics and webtoons available on the platform are translated into numerous languages to garner audiences from many regions. The content originates from locally made titles and licensed content from Korean publishers and platforms such as Kakao Page, Naver Webtoon, Daewon CL, and DNC Media.

On average, Tappytoon releases 2,500 episodes and 30-35 new titles monthly. It is on track to grow as the globalization of the Korean entertainment industry is encouraged with solid IP strategy, acquisition, and investments from globally established webtoon companies and ventures.

Tappytoon Subscription

The popularity of Tappytoon has grown because of the new trend of webcomics, skinny the fans. So, to fulfill the increasing demand, Tappytoon has a subscription or point-based model.

A subscription-based investment is the best method to show appreciation for the platform and help the production people. If you plan to get the Tappytoon points, do not worry; the point-based purchase differs for each region.

Tappytoon’s point system is a bit different from a normal subscription. In the normal subscription model, you pay monthly and get various content.

On Tappytoon, you buy point bundles, which allow you to read only selected webcomics you’re interested in. It is like a wallet purchase; you buy the points and only use them on the webcomics of your choice.

This is a great way to invest in your favorite comics. You do not have to buy all the comics; the rest of the points are stored in your wallet. You can use them to buy other comics or anything you want. You can get 4,400 points for $4.99, which goes up to 89,000 Points. Bundles for $94.99 now. These are a lot of points.

Tappytoon Club 

For more advanced readers, we also have Tappytoon Club; the perks include 4,400 points each month.

Thirty points each every day just for checking in, and waiting time is also reduced to half for new releases and episodes. One can buy this subscription at $4.99/month.

Tappytoon’s Social Media

They have a presence on most social media platforms to promote their library of comics and webtoons.

Tappytoon’s YouTube channel, Tappytoon Comics, has more than 16 thousand subscribers, with more than 250 videos on their channel. It promotes new releases of upcoming titles in a short video format.

Tappytoon’s Instagram has posts, reels, and snippets of the characters from the comics. Their Instagram account (tappy_toon) has been available since June 2013 and currently has more than 145 thousand followers.

Tappytoon’s Twitter account (Tappytoon Comics) has more than 49,000 followers, and Tappytoon’s Facebook page has more than 11 million followers with similar content as Instagram.

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