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South Korea

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Founded by
Chang Kim

Most Popular Manhhwa on Tapas
GhostBlade, Solo Leveling, Beware of Villainess, Positively Yours, The Beginning After The End

Tapas, which is also known by another name, webcomic. It is a digital way of storytelling in which a particular genre story is portrayed with the help of a digital way. It is a storytelling platform that was founded by Chang Kim.

The best way to portray comics and webcomics, the tapas webcomic industry has a vast category. Since 2012, the Tapas webcomic has grown to a whole other level. The web fiction industry has gained a lot of attention from comic lovers. Here is the whole story and a brief description of the Tapas.

Tapas webcomic (2012-2015) 

It was founded in 2012 and 1013 year, in which it was discovered by Chang Kim. The first app through which tapas was introduced was the Tapas application.

The application was released for the webtoon comics so that the majority of the public could get in contact with it. In the 2013 year, it was seen that the Tapas company had expanded its funds and started expanding its services.

Rebranding to Tapas (2016)

In 2016 year, the media expanded its services and started making better and more enjoyable content for the audience out there. The webcomic content expanded its content from webcomics to novels and a wide range of genres. It appeals to and attracts a wide range of webcomic readers and lovers.

Freemium Model (2017)

In 2017 the model expanded and introduced a whole new freemium model for their subscribers and fans, which included offering some of the content to readers free of cost. The content that readers want to read could be unlocked by the premium coin. In this way, the tapas webcomic became more and more famous to its fan following.

Partnerships and Expansion (2018-2020)

Tapas started getting into action and started a partnership with other entertainment companies. Crunchyroll is one of the main partnership companies with which the team has worked with. Crunchyroll’s partnership and support have helped Tapas in becoming one of the best webcomics. It helped Tapas to become one of the best content creators of webcomics.

Diverse Content

Tapas comes with a huge and diverse genre of content, which helped many of the audience relate. Now, it has added LGBTQ+ themes to it. The other relatable content is romance, sci-fi, and melodramas. These serialized novels are the first choice of all audiences out there.

Mobile Accessibility

Tapas are designed in such a way that the audience can use them easily. It is mobile-friendly. Tapas is an iOS and other Android application. It gives the best content, which is heartwarming and all.

Community Engagement

The Tapas application allowed the audience and fans to share their views and opinions on a particular topic. Tapas believed in how they could get positive feedback for better improvement. It allows the reader to be engaged so that the user can use it as the best content to read about.

Premium and Support for Creators

Creators and content creators of the Tapas have an opportunity to earn well; they get a bet earning by ad sharing. They get a chance to offer, which is offered by most of the audience and subscriptions. Tapas is a platform that offers jobs and better opportunities for all content creators, for growth and learning.

Global Reach

It used to share its content in the English language only, but now the upgrade is there, and most of the content is shared in other languages too. It is a Tapas strategy to cover global level audiences. Webtoon content is shared at a whole new global level, and so on.

Adaptation and Success stories

Tapas, like other platforms, has its own success story. It started in 2012 and now has doubled its global audience. The better reach and popularity is a dream that comes true. Webtoon comics preferred to watch Tapas for Webtoon.

There are many other ways of expanding recently, which include printed media and animation. The digital way of storytelling is adored and loved by web-toon lovers.

Featured and Popular Series

Tapas platform is always there to ensure that it can share the best of the content on its pages and applications. It features and promotes only popular series for its fan base. It helps in establishing people to create new opportunities and getting feedback on improvement.

These series often get attention, and even readers get similar recommendations on the same platforms. Readers get an idea of how they can expand and learn more about their interest in the webtoon and all.

In-App Purchases

When readers and supporters need new content to enjoy and read about, Tapas provides an application platform. In which subscribers can subscribe to coins and enjoy their latest content online. The premium series is always there for the reader, who can subscribe to them with the help of coins.

Ad Revenue Sharing

It can be seen how to get better revenue; tapas has its own strategy. The content creator of Tapas uses Ad sharing, which is generated from the content. It attracts more of the audience online, often helpful in getting new subscribers.

Contests and Challenges

Tapas, like other application builders, faces challenges, which include the potential of showing new and trendy content to the public, which is not an easy task for its content creators in the first place.

They showcase their content-creating talent and often win prizes for it. The team of Tapas and community is a part of creativity and support.

Monetization Opportunity

Even coins and ad strategies are often some of the most helpful ways of getting better revenue. Tapas share their creativity with the public. It gives a chance to make more money through merchandise sales. A collaboration that is very helpful in financial stability.

International Expansion

To get an audience worldwide, Tapas has expanded its services, and it reached the international level of audience. Nowadays, the Tapas webtoon is read by a whole new generation, which is a fan of romance, melodrama, and suspense. It offers content in all other languages. It also helps in maintaining a relationship with a global readership.

In this strategy, Tapas evolved to a whole new level, a level that helps share its content with the worldwide public who might digitally like the content of Webtoon.

Interactive Novels

Reading novels allows a reader to expand their imagination and creativity. When novels come with images and dialogue, it becomes 100 times more attractive and addictive to read. The choice of webtoon novel reading is all in the reader’s hands, Tapas also makes a webtoon novel content that is read by the whole world.

The storytelling is often creative and loved by the audience. It added an extra layer of engagement and a better way of reading novels. Readers can view their character’s appearance and expression in the form of pictures and even listen to them with the dialogue on the paper. What could be better than that for a reading lover?

Community Forums

There is a vast community that shares its views and opinions about each series. The feedback from the audience helps Tapas in getting better and better each day. Even though it helps in getting promotional support from the public, more is the more interaction there is, the better reach.

The comments and reviews are all about getting better topics on webtoons and novels. The community of Tapas is still evolving and getting better in its content making.

Collaboration with Creators

When it comes to Tapas content, the team worked closely with the creators and content creators. It provides them with guidance, resources, and promotional support. It helps all of its content creators in creating the best of the best content with the help of its programs.

Expanding Beyond Comics and Novels

In the application and content-creating platform, the rule of growth is expanding more. Tapas has explored and expanded its entertainment service to a whole new level.

It is also allowed now with podcasts and creative ways of storytelling, which is quite a whole new, interesting drama for the audience out there. The diverse content helps its audience to get better content, and it is even helpful in getting a better reach.

Overall, it is clear how Tapas has expanded in recent years with growth. Engaging with the global audience is often seen that it helps the community of a diverse globe in getting creative content for webtoons, novels, digital graphics, podcasts, and storytelling.

Fan Engagement

The Tapas community has been engaging with their fans with the help of social media platforms. Tapas are always getting involved in live streams and some of the interesting Q&A sessions, which is the best way of keeping one audience’s interest. It gives a sense of better community communication and fan base loyalty.

In short, the best webtoon and digital novel community, Tapas, has a better way of introducing its services to webtoon and comic lovers. The commitment of the Tapas for entertainment and fun is quite fine and even impressive. The support and creativity of webtoons and novels are still winning people’s hearts all over the world.

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