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Manhwa by Mingwa

Kim Dan is a down-on-luck physical therapist. With challenges like a sick grandmother, looming debts, and job scarcity due to an old employer’s vendetta, he’s nearly at wit’s end. A ray of hope appears when he’s hired to treat elite MMA fighter, Joo Jaekyung. However, a peculiar request from Jaekyung, coupled with a $5,000 offer, takes him by surprise. Jaekyung believes in a personal “jinx” that requires an unconventional “treatment”. As Dan delves into this request, he realizes that while Jaekyung is a force in the ring, his intensity doubles outside it. Torn between desperation and hesitation, Dan contemplates the deal that could change everything.

BL, Sports, Webtoons, Yaoi, Debt, Full Color, Hand to Hand Combat, Martial Arts, MMA, Smut

Content Warning
Explicit Sex, Mature Themes, Physical Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Violence

Main Characters
Dan KIM, Jaekyung JOO, Heesung CHOI, Yoon-Gu HWANG

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