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  • What is Devil Fruit's Awakening

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    One Piece: What is Devil Fruit’s Awakening

    Today we will be discussing the awakening in One Piece. This is a topic which is not fully understood and not explained a lot in the series, let’s start off with what does awakening mean? In our daily life, you might have heard of awakening in yoga. Awakening is not becoming more powerful, unbeatable or […]

  • Attack On Titan Season 3

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    Attack On Titan Season 3 – Know What´s Coming

    Two months ago marked the ending of Attack on Titan season two with only 12 episodes being broadcasted.Wit Studio´s popular anime concluded itself with the announcement of the Attack On Titan Season 3 and it will return in Spring 2018. The Anime Expo Industry Presentation has the material ready for the next spring.The news was also […]

  • Weakest To Strongest Gods Of Destruction Dragon Ball Super

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    Weakest to Strongest Gods of Destruction In Dragon Ball Super – Ranked

    The Gods of Destruction are deities who destroy planets or threats that put in risk the development of their respective universes, They are completely opposite to the Gods of Creation, Supreme Kais. There used to be 18 Gods of Destruction and Angels from what we know, but currently there are only twelve Gods of Destruction […]

  • Strongest To Weakest Universes

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    Weakest To Strongest Universes In Tournament Of Power – Ranked

    Strongest warriors from eight universes out of twelve universes are participating in order to keep their universe from getting erased by Zen-Oh and Future Zen-Oh. Any team who loses in this tournament will have their Universe wiped out almost immediately after. Universe 9 was erased by Both Zen-Ohs after they their all warriors got knocked […]

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    Is It Possible To Have Water Devil Fruit?

    In this segment, we will be discussing the possibilities of someone yielding the Water Devil Fruit power. The answer is both yes and no, let’s head into it and start off with why this is a good possibility.   Well first off, we need to understand the cycle of the Devil Fruits and their counterparts. […]

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    Dragon Ball Super Episode 102 Major Spoilers

    Dragon Ball Super Episode 102 major spoilers were revealed earlier. Read at your own risk. This week universe 2 gets some showtime,  Brianne de Chateau teams up with her allies Suu and Sanka. These three girls has ability to transform into Magical girl as shown in the photo below. Brianne de Chateau before transformation Brianne […]

  • Monkey D Dragon Real Power


    Monkey D. Dragon’s True Power – Theory

    Monkey D. Dragon, Luffy’s father is the head of the Revolutionary army. He is also known by the marines “World’s Most Wanted Man.” Here are 3 instances that proves a theory that Monkey D. Dragon’s true power is to do something with wind and weather.   It all started back in Loguetown, Captain Smoker was […]

  • Dia Horizon Project Anime

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    Dia Horizon Project to premiere in October says Square Enix

    Dia Horizon Project multimedia Project by Square Enix was announced today. This Anime will be produced in installments and it’s first part consists of an Anime that will premiere in October.According to sources this Anime is about a boy and a girl with intertwined lives. The project’s official website released a promotional video. Dia Horizon […]