Sung Jinwoo’s Victory In Chapter 177 of Solo Leveling Season 2

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Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 177

Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 177 reveals the showdown of Sung Jinwoo and the King of Dragons. The battle continues after the manga delayed the recent chapter. Antares took the battle to an intense level after Sang Jinwoo refused to serve him. Antares’s brutal strikes made Sung Jinwoo suppose the Dark Powers to the human world and enhance his body. Sung Jinwoo has taken a fierce form that shocked the King of Dragons. In the latest chapter of Solo Leveling Season 2, Sung Jinwoon begins to hurt immortal Antares, who has realizes that Sung Jinwoo has become a threat.

Antares decided to get rid of Sung Jinwoo before breaking another level and surpassing his limit. He knows that if he fails to defeat Sung Jinwoo, there will be no future for Dragons in the coming years. He tries to smash Sung Jinwoo with his claws, but Sung Jinwoo jumps and lands hammer strikes that bend Antares’s face. Antares realizes that he is taking a lot of damage, and Sung Jinwoo’s strikes push him back. But he is surprised that Sung Jinwoo has become unstoppable. He decided to swallow Sung Jinwoo since he has non match when it comes to fist combat.

Sung Jinwoo outstrikes Antares, who tries to eat him, but misses the target. Antares still believes that a mere human will never take down the King of  Dragons. Sung Jinwoo took the battle to the sky since he knew that he would make more impact when attacking from the sky, and his strikes will be heavy. But Antares inhale in the wind and brings Sung Jinwoo to the ground. Sung Jinwoo was not expecting that, and he lost his balance and hit the ground. But he gets up in time before Antares hits him.

Previously on Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 176

Antares blew a ball of fire from his mouth, and Sung Jinwoo blocked that after jumping. He almost cut Sung Jinwoo’s arm, who cut the ball of fire with his dagger. Sung Jinwoo wields his Demon Slayer and runs toward Antares, who also released another ball of fire. Antares covers the area around him with flames and unleashes a red ball of fire, but Sung Jinwoo survives that and slashes Antares neck. Antares loses control of his breath and realizes that he has to let his neck recover to use another ball of fire.

Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 177
Solo Leveling Season 2

Antares realizes that his tail is still active and uses it to send Sung Jinwoo flying, but Sung Jinwoo manages to keep his balance and landed multiple slashes that landed on vital organs. Antares roared since he felt pain after receiving those massive blows. After thrashing Antares, Sung Jinwoo lands on top of heal, and Antares realizes that his neck has recovered. Antares sends two cannons that destroy the area around Sung Jinwoo when he dodges the attacks. Sun Jinwoo toses his blade that cut cuts Antares’s left-wing. Antares realizes that he will never fly.

Sung Jinwoo summons more swords and sends them towards Antares, who fails to dodge them. He follows those swords since they were baited for him to punish Antares. Antares notice that Sung Jinwoo is sending other attacks and uses fire to block them. Something explodes, and after the explosion, only Sung Jinwoo appears. Sung Jinwoo looked up and saw something. But he begins to lose that fierce form. Sung Jinwoo turns into a human, but his eyes have changed. Surprisingly Antares emerges from the ground. Sung Jinwoo looks down and realizes that he has to land the killer blow.

Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 177 Release Date

Solo Leveling-Season 2 Chapter 177 will be released on 16 December 2021. Antares also loses his Dragon form and asks Sung Jinwoo to join him since it is his last offer. Sung Jinwoo refuses and sees he will never work with Monsters. Antares, remind Sung Jinwoo what Monarch of Transfiguration and the Destruction Army will do to the Earth. The two crossed the sword, and Antares thinks that it doesn’t matter if Sung Jinwoo is the King of Dead since humans fear Death. Let’s look at Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 177 official details.

Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 177
Solo Leveling Season 2

Read Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 177 Online – Raw Details

You will be able to read Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 177 online on various websites. Antares believes flames will engulf the Earth, and Sung Jinwoo’s effort will be vain. He thinks that Sung Jinwoo will be protecting nothing since everything will get eliminated. But Sung Jinwoo cuts the King of Dragon in half after piercing him with a dagger made from a tooth of Dragon. Let’s meet when Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 177 is released.

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