Studio Ghibli Reveals Final Films Name

Studio Ghibli has dominated the world by storm as it is the only studio to have ever outsold even more than Titanic in Japan. Studio Ghibli has definitely been the inspiration for many creators everywhere with their films unique character design, storytelling, and animation. Director Hayao Miyazaki (President and CEO of Studio Ghibli) Was said to have retired after creating his last film at the studio, The Wind Rises. The Wind rises was supposedly a story he always wanted to tell with traits about him and his father. However that so called retirement couldn’t sit well with Miyazaki and he is back at his Studio to tell one last tale. With that said, today we are going to be discussing the official title behind that last film revealed!

Studio Ghibli Reveals Final Films Name

So to begin with, the official name for Miyazaki’s final film after coming out of retirement is called, Kimi-tachi wa Dō Ikiru ka (How Do You Live?). The director says that the timeframe of creating this film will take between three to four years. The origins behind the name of the film came from writer, Genzaburō Yoshino’s 1937 masterpiece (which had the same name).

Studio Ghibli Reveals Final Films Name

The itch to keep writing and making but movies burned within Miayazaki’s soul as he wasn’t satisfied after releasing the Wind Rises. In fact, Miyazaki rested a CG short for the Studio ghibli museum and that made his itch to return ever more. It is said that Miyazaki has been drawing and writing storyboards since June 2016 and that he has 20 minutes of storyboards already done.

Studio Ghibli Reveals Final Films Name

Miyazaki claimed that he would create storyboards until he dies and that he will always have a love for creating stories and films. This film has been teased multiple times online seeing as how hints throughout the year  were present. In May, jobs were posted looking for animators and stated within the contract was a three year work schedule but it seems there may be an extension for the job a state the film simply cannot be finished by 2019 as Miyazaki had expected.

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