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Stealth Walker (2021) Episode 15: Release Date & Spoilers

Stealth Walker (2021) Episode 15 Release Date
Zhang Xian He and Lin Qiang from Stealth Walker (2021), Chinese Drama

Stealth Walker (2021) is an ongoing Chinese crime romance drama airing on the YouKu network. In this article, we will cover Stealth Walker (2021) Episode 15 release date. The c-drama is directed by Shen Rong, starring Lin Peng, Zheng Ye Cheng, Li Zi Feng, Wang Zhi Gang, Jin Kai Jie, We Jian Long, etc. The drama has been receiving quite good reviews on the international level. Many viewers are enjoying the well-written storyline with the excellent acting of cast members. Since the release of the drama, it has become a fan favorite among crime lovers.

The drama plot revolves around a young female cop Lin Qiang who goes on an undercover mission. Unexpectedly she meets and falls for a mysterious son of a drug lord. Torn between mission and love of her life, who would choose Lin Qiang? The Chinese drama Stealth Walker (2021) falls under crime, suspense, romance, thriller, and mystery genres. It has released 14 episodes. Many viewers are liking the c-drama so far and highly recommend it. The drama is a perfect package of various unsolved crime cases, suspense-filled plots with a pinch of romance. If you enjoy crime series, this drama is a perfect cup of tea you would enjoy!

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Stealth Walker (2021) Episode 15 Release Date

Stealth Walker (2021) Episode 15 will be released on 24 August 2021 at 6 pm CST on YouKu. The drama premiered on 11 August 2021, and it contains 24 episodes in total. So far, 14 episodes have been released; each episode runs for 45min. Recently, there have been some changes made in the episode schedule that leads to the drama airing for only three days a week. Therefore, every new episode will air thrice a week Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 6 pm CST on YouKu.

Domestic viewers can directly watch the drama on the official website or official YouTube channel of YouKu. Good news for international viewers, the c-drama is available with English subtitles on Viki and the official channel of YouKu on YouTube. However, keep in mind that the drama is slightly behind the origin release episodes for international viewers.

Stealth Walker (2021) Episode 15 Release Date

Lin Qiang from Stealth Walker (2021)

Plot Summary

Stealth Walker (2021) is a perfect mixture of crime and romance. The drama follows the life of a young female cop from the police academy, Lin Qiang. Her parents were killed by a drug lord, and she wants to find the killer. Therefore, the police force arranges for Lin Qiang to go undercover. She begins a secret mission to collect evidence from the drug leader.

While on the mission, she meets the mysterious son of the current drug leader, Zhang Xian He. Lin Qiang makes a master plan where she pretends to fall in love with Zhang Xian He to obtain vital information about the drug organization. However, her plan backfires as she begins to fall for real and feels torn. Zhang Xian He, on the other hand, is no different case. After figuring out Liz Qiang’s real identity, he is also in turmoil.

The Cast of Stealth Walker (2021)

The c-drama cast Lin Peng as Lin Qiang and Zheng Ye Cheng as Zhang Xian He as main leads. The supporting cast members include Li Zi Feng as Cheng Jin Song, Wang Zhi Gang as Zeng Young Ming, Jin Kai Jie as Li Yan, Wei Jian Long as Wang Ye, Vanessa Cai as Chi Jiao Jiao etc.

Stealth Walker (2021) Episode 15 Release Date

The cast of Stealth Walker (2021)

Episode 14 Recap

Episode 14 begins as Lin Qiang saves Chu Jiao Jiao after knowing Tar Coal has changed her medicine. Lin Qiang tells what Tar Coal did to Tiger, who replaces tar coal with Lin Qiang to attend a drug deal. On the other side, Tiger finds Tar Coal at his house. Tar Coal begs for his life and stabs his hand to show he has been reflecting on his mistake. Lin Qiang visits the hospital to meet Ah De, who got hurt while saving her from Tar Coal and comes to know that Feng Lin is seeing Dingding. It could be a piece of crucial information that would help them in finding the workshop. Jiao Jiao runs away but not before informing Lin Qiang about Zhang Xian He’s real identity. It also shows that Jiao Jiao also knew Lin Qiang’s secret.

Later on, Zhang Xian He visits Lin Qiang and tells her the exact things she got to know recently. They decide to go to the place where Feng Lina and Dingding will meet. At the same time, Tiger comes there and kidnaps both Feng Lin and Dingding. All of that Lin Qiang and Zhang Xian He sees as they were hiding in at her place. At the end of the episode, Wu hong also joins the drug meeting with Lin Qiang. They do not meet Wu Zhenfa but his unknown cousin, who is, in reality, a police officer. The episode ends where Jiao Jiao tells Cheng Jin Song that she had to reveal to the tiger’s man the real identity of Lin Qiang. To know what will happen as the secrets are uncovering one by one, watch the upcoming Stealth Walker (2021) Episode 15.

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