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So I Married an Anti-Fan Season 2: Is it Happening?

Will So I Married An Anti-fan come for season 2?
Promotional Poster for So I Married An Anti-Fan (Credit: Viki)

So I Married An Anti-Fan stars Choi Tae Joon and Girls Generation’s Choi Soo Young in the leading roles. The series found its adaption from the webtoon of the same name. Furthermore, there is also a Chinese drama from the same webtoon featuring Exo’s Chanyeol in the leading cast. However, the webtoon is too made from the Korean novel only. So basically, the origin of the webtoon, series, and film is a Korean novel. Nevertheless, So I Married an Anti-Fan is soon coming to an end with only one more episode left to go down. So audiences left wondering with the question if So I Married an Anti-Fan is coming for Season 2 or not?

The Korean Drama, webtoon, and the novel depicts the same thing about how a top star falls for a commoner amidst his stardom. But, it is also not easy to maintain a relationship while being a popular idol star with fans. Furthermore, there are also many relationships of the star that comes to hinder the present things. Can a top star for once and all protect his love, also known as his Anti-Fan in the public? or Will they end giving up each there due to complications?

So I Married An Anti-Fan: A Look Into the Series

So I Married An Anti-Fan features the story of a popular idol, Hoo Joon and a commoner, Geun Young, who became his first anti-fan. They met each other through unexpected circumstances and became enemy at first meet. Geun Young is a reporter for a company. One day, she got asked to go to an event and click and interview Hoo Joon. However, Geung Young is also having bad times after going through a breakup and drinks too much at the party. The photographer who went with her gave his camera to her and goes into somewhere. At the same time, she needed to go to the washroom.

Is So I Married An Anti-Fan Season 2 happening or not?

A glimpse into episode 4 of So I Married an Anti-Fan wherein Hoo Joon is saving Lee Geun-young from his fans (credit: Viki)

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But, she saw Hoo Joon talking with a girl from a distance. She thought that he is scolding and being arrogant with the girl. To make matters worse, Hoo Joon saw her with the camera and thought her to be a reporter. He went to her and begin scolding. Hoo Joon also takes her camera and breaks it. However, she could not say anything as she was not feeling good. Furthermore, she vomited on him. They fight with each other. Later on, she threw her sandals at him, which made the headlines. Thus, she became the anti-fan. She also loses her job for the same.

Later on, Geung Young gets an offer for doing a reality program with Hoo Joon. They begin falling in love after spending time together. But everything is not so easy while the public knowing her as the anti-fan. Will they end up together or not?

Will There Be So I Married An Anti-Fan Season 2?

So I Married An Anti-Fan series is not yet confirmed for season 2. The series has not yet been adapted for another season nor yet officially renewed. There are higher chances that the drama is not returning for season 2. Revival of a series for another season depends on the availability of the materials and the ending of the previous season. However, the series is yet to complete. and one more episode is left for premeiring. The same is due for arrival in few hours. Thus, if So I Married An Anti-Fan is arriving for season 2, then the news will officially get confirmed in the upcoming few months.

But, So I Married An Anti-Fan found its inspiration from the webtoon of the same name. The webtoon got completed, and there is also a movie based on the same webtoon. The movie has only one part. Thus, there is the possibility that the series will end on a good note and will end with only one season. Furthermore, the creators do not have any extra material in the webtoon for creating another season unless and until they make something of their own. Furthermore, delay already took place for the airing of the show. It was supposed to take place in 2018. However, the same could not happen due to some unforeseen circumstances. After much deliberations, So I Married An Anti-Fan arrived this year. 

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