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Silent Witness Season 24: Release Date, Star Cast & Plot Details

silent Witness
Dr Nikki Alexander (EMILIA FOX) & Jack Hodgson (DAVID CAVES)

Everybody wanted to know in detail about Silent Witness Season 24. The music-based panel show has become one of the hot topics of 2021. The trailer of the crime-drama series is out of the box. The first episode of the show was released on Monday, September 6, at 9:00 pm. Following the second on Tuesday, September 7 at 9:00 pm. Every Monday and Tuesday, a new episode from the will air. Episode 7 goes out on Monday, September 27, at 9 pm.

Everywhere, people keep talking about the previous episodes of the show. They are more curious to watch the final episode of the famous British crime drama series. People who watch every episode from season 24 are curious to find what will happen in the next episode of Silent Witness. Each episode from the show come up with lots of twists and turn. It makes the next episode of the show more interesting to watch.

silent witness

Nikki, Adam, and Jack

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Introduction To The Show

Silent Witness is a famous British crime drama series produced by none other than BBC. The series mainly focuses on a team of forensic pathology experts and their investigations into crimes. The first season was broadcast in 1996, and the creator of the series is Nigel McCrery, a former murder squad detective based in Nottingham. Twenty-four seasons of the series Silent Witness have been broadcast since 1996. And the latest season of the show is damn good to watch. The famous actress Amanda Burton starred as the primary character Dr. Sam Ryan before officially leaving the show during season eight. Since she exists, the show adds an ensemble cast, consisting of Emilia Fox, David Caves, Liz Carr, and Richard Lintern until the end of series 23, when Carr and Lintern leave the show. Silent Witness is officially broadcast in more than 235 territories.

Silent Witness Cast

Talking about the cast of season 24 of Silent Witness – Emilia Fox and David Caves are both back as Nikki and Jack in this season. In the news from the crime drama series, it’s been revealed that Jason Wong (The Gentleman, Chimerica, Strangers) is playing pathologist Adam Yuen. He’s billed as “a confident, young, talented and keen pathologist who’s constantly striving to be the best, he immediately rubs Nikki and Jack up the wrong way.” Jason officially joins the crime drama series in episode three. While talking about his character in this season, Jason tells us: “Because of his over-curious nature, wanting to please and to do well, I do rub both of them up the wrong way!”

Jason officially joins the crime drama series in episode three. While talking about his character in this season, Jason tells us: “Because of his over-curious nature, wanting to please and to do well, I do rub both of them up the wrong way!”

Silent Witness

Nikki and Jack

The Plot Of The Silent Witness Season 24

If you watch the previous season, then you will know that Adam’s arrival is going to cause issues for Nikki and Jack. Now, it has been a hint of a possible romance between the main character Nikki and Jack. If it does happen, then the audience goes crazy about it. The BBC officially teases that “when ghosts from the past come, the two are forced increasingly close to one another.” Does this mean that they can become an item? In the opening of the famous British crime drama series witness, Nikki and Jack are visiting a high-security prison.

Nikki finds herself dealing with disturbing memories while looking into the suspicious death of an inmate. The show later revealed that the victim’s cellmate is a student who was responsible for the mass shooting, which she witnessed a decade before. Nikki assures that this time also the same student is the killer. But is she right?

What Happens In Episode 1?

The first episode of the famous British crime drama series Silent Witness Season 24 saw Dr. Nikki Alexander played by Emilia Fox, facing an old threat, as she believes that school shooter Scott Weston played by Elliott Tittensor, was actually behind the death of an inmate called Jay at a local prison. It is not an easy case for Dr. Alexander, as Scott was the gunman responsible for a horrific shooting spree at a university.

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