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Sherman Thompson’s Wife: All You Need To Know

Sherman Thompson’s Wife.
Sherman Thompson

Sherman Thompson is a reality TV show star. He is a cast of the very popular reality television show on the DIY Network named Barnwood Builders. He was born on the 30th of May in the year 1963. About his career life. Before he worked as a cast in Barnwood Builders, he was living a simple life. He first started with dismantling log cabins and selling them. Later he had been working for a company that renovates and restores antique cabins and barns in the year 1989. He was given the name Master of Chain Saw with his ability to utilize the chain saws with simplicity and efficiency.

Since the beginning in the year 2013, he made his big first appearance in an American reality television show named Barnwood Builders. The show turned out to be a huge hit in his career life. From the year 2013 to the year 2019, he has been featured in over more than seventy-five episodes. His significance and admiration among his supporters were making him remain in the show for this several years. He is gentle and positive and has not allowed himself to be influenced by constant fame as a television reality star.

Sherman Thompson’s Wife.

Sherman Thompson.

About Sherman Thompson’s Family Life

Sherman Thompson and Johnny knew each other before getting in the show because they were both in the business of cutting down trees and selling them out for money. Their friendship ensued in the two working together.  Mark Bowe has been introduced to the pair as a vendor for their logs. They all teamed up and started working for his company, Antique Cabins, and Barns in the year 1998. Later in they worked together on various log cabin projects, which includes constructing one for Johnny’s late brother Billy and demolishing and reclaiming several more.

Aside from using his impressive wood processing skills to rebuild historical wooden structures, he is a farmer and tobacco grower as well. He remains strong as he explains how even the countryside in the city of Flemingsburg. He has an estimated amount of 350 thousand dollars as his net worth. Right now, he does not have Instagram or any other social media accounts running.

Sherman Thompson was born in Wallingford, Kentucky. He is married to Roma Andreozzi. The couple met at some point in the late year of the 2010s. They are married for more than ten years now. Along With his wife, he has two children. Both are daughters named Felicia and Agostina. Sharman has mentioned in the past that he would not have been able to enjoy anything in his life without the backing of his wife. The information about his parents and other things is unknown to the public. He likes to keep a allow profile about his personal life towards the public.

Sherman Thompson’s Wife Roma Andreozzi

Sherman Thompson & Roma Andreozzi have been married for more than thirteen years as of the year 2021. About wife Roma. She is one year older than her husband Sherman. She was forty-five years when the couple got married. The couple together has two beautiful daughters named Agostina Thompson and Felicia Thompson. Roma is of Italian culture from her father’s side. His name is Attilio Andreozzi. She had been born in Italy. She received her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Pittsburgh. After her graduation, she started working with a safety services company as a director of investigations.

Sherman Thompson’s Wife.

Sherman Thompson and his wife, Roma Andreozzi.

Roma Andreozzi later went to work in the hospitality industry and appears to be presently working as a property management manager in Laurel Highlands Rentals. No further information about her career life is mentioned. She along with Sherman is currently living with their two children Agostina and Felicia, in Acme in Pennsylvania. Sherman may not always mention his personal life as he is interested in keeping them secret. But when he mentions his wife and children, he always compliments them about how they support him and bring goodwill to him. He always says that his best blessing is his family with a supportive wife and two children. He has a happy family.

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