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Why Did Shawn Bradley Divorce His Previous Wife?

Shawn Bradley Divorced

Shawn Paul Bradley, popularly known as Shawn Bradley was a German-American professional basketball player. He, in the successful years of his career, got nicknamed “The Stormin’ Mormon”. You must all know Bradley as one of the tallest players being 7’6 in the history of the NBA. Of course, he is well known for his game as well. Shawn Bradley announced his retirement in 2005.

Very recently Bradley was in the news since his road accident and, him getting paralyzed. A disheartening divorce between Shawn Bradley and her wife also made headlines. But is Shawn Bradley married again? What was the reason behind divorcing her first wife? We bring you each of the detail through this article. Get on reading.

Who is Shawn Bradley’s Ex-Wife?

Annette Evertson was Shawn Bradley’s first wife. Bradley met Annette at a Mormon church in Philadelphia, for the first time ever in his life. Annette was present at the church to talk about her mission experience in South Florida. Bradley was a part of the crowd at the church. It is reported that for Bradley it was the ‘love at first sight’ experience. They got in talks and dated for a very short period of two months. No, they did not break up but in fact, married each other. In the two months of dating, Bradley was sure, Annette was the one for him.

The couple got married in 1993 and has six children together. They had four daughters, named, Chelsea, Ciera, Charity, and Cheyenne, and two sons named Chase and Chance. Bradley was madly in love with the pro-first baller’s first partner. At more than one point, he thanked her withholding his morale high through his dark hours. During his playing, Bradley once told, she used to wait outside the corridors after his game.

Shawn Bradley Divorced

Shawn Bradley With Ex-Wife Annette Evertson

The couple was talked around majorly for their height difference. Bradley as mentioned before is 7 ‘6 tall and Annette is 5’3. A tremendous contrast right there.

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Why Did Shawn Bradley Get Divorced?

Sadly, the lovely pair parted their ways. Their marriage didn’t last long. Bradley, 21, once expressed, “I can’t imagine how different it would be if she wasn’t around. “Things will be… bad. I have told her,  Annette, I doubt I could handle this without you.” Well, what he feared once is now actually the reality but not totally. The solid and sustaining relationship between the couple took a sudden and unexpected swerve.

The couple got divorced after a successful marriage of more than 25 years. The Bradley and Annette’s split-up rumors rose around 2017-2018. Though the year of their divorce is yet not confirmed. The precise reason behind the split, too, is still uncertain. Bradley and Evertson’s divorce remains a mystery. But, at the same time, after the divorce, things have been quite well for both of them.

Is Shawn Bradley Married Again?

Yes, he absoultely is happily married again. The NBA player has moved on with his now-wife, Carrie Cannon, and is busy with his new family after his first marriage ended in divorce. Since divorcing his ex-wife Annette Evertson in January 2018, Bradley got married to Carrie Cannon. They have been married now for 3 years. The couple is raising three children together, named, Hailey, max, and Dubbie. The player claims to have the love of his life in Carrie.

Shawn Bradley Accident 2021 And Carrie’s Support

Bradley recently in January this year, unfortunately, met a drastic accident. This accident resulted in paralysis. During these difficult times, as told by Bradley himself his new wife, Carrie has been an essential and constant support for him as well as the family. She has put in every cent of effort to bring Bradley in good spirits.

Shawn Bradley Divorced

Shawn Bradley’s New Wife Carrie Cannon and Kids

Recently on Instagram, Carrie Cannon posted a picture of herself and Bradley in the wheelchair, a cat, and the three kids surrounding them. She captioned the picture,” Our new fam ride…traded in the hellcat for a new version.” The family seems more than happy. We wish them the best.

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