Shanks: The “Last Guardian” In One Piece – Explained!


We all know “Red Hair” Shanks: he’s the Yonko who once was a member of Gol D. Roger’s crew and now he is one of the 4 most powerful pirates.

In particular, in One Piece SBS n° 87 Oda revealed that Shanks’ sword is called “Gryphon”; why is this so important to be underlined in this article? Well, because my theory was born exactly from this incredible revelation. Let’s see how!

The Gryphon is a legendary creature which is supposed to be composed of different animals; among them, the most important are the eagle and the lion. Why? Because the eagle is the king of the sky and the lion the king of the earth, so that the Gryphon can be considered as the king of all the animals.

“You’re going to say that for this reason Shanks is supposed to become the Pirates King, right?”

Well, no.

Going ahead with the analysis of the Gryphon, in the legends it is said to be the guardian of important treasures and priceless possessions; following this logic, maybe Shanks is guarding something?

Since he was a member of Roger’s crew, as we said before, he’s also supposed to have reached Raftel alongside his captain and, for this reason, he could know what happened in the Void Century; in addition, being a Yonko means that he’s one of the few pirates who are closer to find the One Piece and, since he has already gone to Raftel, he should find easier to arrive there.

But why does he not even try to reach that place? In my opinion that’s because he already knows how to reach Raftel and where it is, but he prefers not to go there in order to protect that place.

Furthermore, Oda assured us that the One Piece isn’t a dream, a feeling or anything inconsistent; for this reason, we can suppose that it is a reward, an object or also, most likely, a treasure. And when people think of a treasure, what do they associate it with? Treasures are normally associated with gold objects, like crowns, rings, necklaces and so on.

“I don’t think Shanks is avoiding become the new Pirates King just in order to guard a simple treasure, although it is the biggest treasure ever, in any case it still remains simple gold.”

Of course, you’re right my friend.

And, at this point, if Shanks is not guarding any “golden treasure”, what is he guarding that could be related to the name of his sword?

Here’s the answer: we’ve just said that, in many cases, the most common association is “treasure = gold”, right? So, following this logic, maybe Shanks wants to protect Raftel because he’s the guardian of gold.

But what if he’s the guardian of gold … Roger?