Seven Deadly Sins Season 3 – Release Date or Cancelled?

Seven Deadly Sins is one of the most successful manga right now. Because of this, its two anime seasons are successful, and fans cannot wait for Seven Deadly Sins season 3. Even though the manga is reported to be ending¬†next year, fans are wondering if they can see the ending of this magnificent series. Is Seven Deadly Sins season 3 confirmed? When would be the possible release date? Here’s everything we know so far about the next season.

The last season of Seven Deadly Sins ended with Meliodas murdering Fraudin, and thus, his fear of being a demon arises. However, he deemed that him being a demon might be necessary in order to protect Elizabeth. The last episode was aired on June 30 this year, and the anime ended in chapter 143.

Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 284

Fans are waiting to know if Seven Deadly Sins season 3 was already confirmed by A-1 Pictures. Unfortunately, the studio is yet to confirm the third season for the series. The studio is busy right now with the ongoing series Sword Art Online: Alicization¬†which is expected to run for 24 episodes. On top of that, A-1 Pictures is also currently busy with the ongoing final season of Fairy Tail, with episode count isn’t confirmed yet.

Seven Deadly Sins Season 3 Release Date

A-1 Pictures will likely announce whether it will continue to produce Seven Deadly Sins Season 3 next year. Since Sword Arto Online: Alicization is expected to be over next year, the studio might begin in animating the third season of Seven Deadly Sins, and that if there is no other anime project that they would handle. The most optimistic bet for a release date would be in the second half of 2019, but it is likely that we will see the anime as late as 2020. It is expected that the manga will be over by then unless Nakaba Suzuki will change his mind.

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