Sansa Stark aka Sophie Turner Weds Joe Jonas In Shocking Manner

In one of the biggest surprises of the week, Sophie Turner in now lawfully wedded wife of Joe Jonas. Who doesn’t know Sophie Turner, she is the Lady of Winterfell, a survivor of the Long Night, former wife of Ramsey Bolton and Tyrion Lannister.

Sansa Stark is one hell of a tough character but in real life thankfully she doesn’t have to go through all the to become the bride of Joe Jonas. After the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas, the two celebrities tied the knot. Joe Jonas was accompanied by his two brothers.

The ceremony might have been kept a surprise but it sure was elegantly planned. It has also been rumoured that earlier on the day of the marriage they had applied for a marriage licence. During the wedding, no real rings were exchanged and in place of the rings, two ring pops were exchanged.

This by no means makes the wedding unlawful for sure. Also, during the wedding, some famous celebrities performed as well. Like Dan + Shay were performing an acoustic version of “Speechless” song. An Elvis Presley impersonator was also seen performing which gave a classy feeling to the whole ambience of this surprise wedding. Joe and his brothers are planning to release another album of their trio band and then will set off on a world tour.

But more exciting times are ahead of Sophie Turner as she right now is playing Sansa Stark in the final season of the biggest ever television series Game of Thrones. Also, her X-Men Dark Phoenix will be releasing soon which is said to be an end of an era of the X-Men movie saga.

Joe Jonas Sophie Turner

So, it seems out of the two Sophie Turner has way more exciting times to look forward to and we hope both of them enjoy these exciting times together for the rest of their lives.

Joe Jonas’ brother Nick Jonas also got hitched to Indian actress Priyanka Chopra recently. Their wedding was apparently a big deal in India as Priyanka Chopra is quite a popular Indian actress. She has worked in Hollywood as well both in television series and movies. She even has released her own album.

Seems like Jonas brothers are really having a nice time and it wouldn’t be out of place to mention that they are experiencing the best time of their lives in all the manners possible. We wish all of them a happy married life which is a rarity in today’s world, unfortunately.

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