Riverdale Season 3: Episode 1 Spoilers And More!

Riverdale Season 3 episode 1

What a shocking finale episode we saw of Riverdale Season 2. Archie who is portrayed by KJ Apa was arrested just at the moment when he was about to be inaugurated as new student council President. Talk about bad timing. If you have watched the show before, you must know that Archie was framed for a murder. Now, this is a massive cliffhanger, and it has left the likes of us in search of what happens next.

Riverdale Season 3 Episode 1: What We Know

1. Riverdale Season 3 Episode 1 Release Date

First of all, Pedowitz, President CW has confirmed that Riverdale will be back this year with its Season 3. It will be aired in Network’s “Fall 2018” schedule. I even have an air-date of the same. October 10th is when you will get to see Episode 1 of Season 3 Riverdale.

2. Riverdale “The Midnight Club”: Episode 4

New projections and spoilers from the show’s higher-up’s (Television Critics Association) include that there will be a flashback episode for the main four’s parents; he will be called as “The Midnight Club” derived from the classic cult of “The Breakfast Club.” This episode will obviously showcase a lot of the ’80’s.

Now, it’s been also reported that the younger actors will play as their young parents in the show. The listed cast portrayal are:

K.J. Apa will play the younger Fred Andrews (Luke Perry), Lili Reinhart will play Alice Cooper (Madchen Amick), Camila Mendes will play as Hermione Lodge (Marisol Nichols), and Cole Sprouse will play as FP Jones (Skeet Ulrich).

This episode is expected to be fourth in line from Episode 1. “We’ve been teasing this for years, going back to Season 1. I call this the ‘Lili Reinhart Memorial episode’ – because she’s been wanting to do a flashback episode for years,” said show writer Roberto Aquirre-Sacasa.

3. Riverdale Season 3 “Wedding Episode”:

It’s also been reported that there’s a Wedding Episode in store for us. Roberto Aquirre-Sacasa hinted that there could be one in Season 3 adding that they haven’t had one and should be something along the lines of a certain ex-serviceman and a certain ex-sheriff.

4. Archie And Veronica Split:

Varchie has also been spoken of in detail. It’s been revealed that they will face the projections of their love life and that they might split. A new love interest for Veronica is also talked about.

5. Riverdale Season 3: Trailer

That’s all for now; we will be back with more news and updates on the show.

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