Revolutionary Army To Infiltrate Mary Geoise In One Piece Episode 883

One Piece anime is in the midst of Reverie Arc which normally would not have lasted for more than three episodes but due to the main staff working on One Piece Stampede and the makers not wanting to compromise in the quality of upcoming Wano Arc, the anime is stretching the Reverie Conference Arc with the help of flashbacks.

Normally, One Piece anime adapts one and a half chapter per episode and right now it is just adapting half of a chapter which tells us about the slow pacing right now which is understood by fans who are not angry with it. So, in the new episode, we will see the Revolutionary Army commanders and their Chief of Staff Sabo infiltrating Mary Geoise the holy land of the World Government.

Revolutionary Army is the most bitter enemy of the World and so them entering their holy land is a big damn thing and a slap on the faces of the World Government. They are hidden underground using the power of Morley as he can easily manipulate ground after he pushes his spear into the ground. Now, the real spoilers start, read further on your own will.

Their aim is to accomplish two things by infiltrating Mary Geoise, one is quite obvious that they aim to announce an open war against the World Government and the second they want to free Kuma and take him with them.

Revolutionary Army

Kuma has now been enslaved by the Celestial Dragons which will soon be shown in anime as well. He has been made a pet slave of Celestial Dragons.

In manga after the completion of Wano Country Act 1, it was revealed that commanders of Revolutionary Army and Sabo clashed against Admiral Greenbull and Fujitora. They were successful in freeing Kuma from the shackles of Celestial Dragons. It isn’t mentioned that they defeated admirals but at least we can say that the numbers might have helped them to clash and flee without causing any harm to their bodies.

So, the next episode of One Piece is going to be pretty damn interesting as we’ll get to see Revolutionary Army members again. Also, Shirahoshi will be the main focus in the episode as she’ll try to live her life to the fullest as she promised Monkey D Luffy. Do tell us in the comments section below what your thoughts on the pacing of the current One Piece arc are.

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