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Reservation Dogs Season 1 Episode 5: Release Date & Preview

Reservation Dogs came out a while ago on our television screens and hiving us the entire load of entertainment we deserve. The series excels in the genre of comedy. It was created by Sterlin Harjo as well as Taika Waititi. Given these names as its creators, you guys might have already guessed about how amazing this show is. The main focus of this series is to throw light on the Indigenous writers as well as directors and along with the majority of the cast as well as the production crew as well. It came out recently on FX on Hulu back on the 9th of August 2021.

Previously on the series in its first episode, we saw that four native teens are set onboard to commit crimes. They want to leave their native home located in the rural part of Oklahoma and need funds for that and this explains the crime they are being a part of. These kids have decided to take such as step one year after their best friend died. Later in the second episode titled NDN Clinic, we saw that a new crew has come aboard to threaten the Reservation Dogs. These kids commit crimes while selling illegal drugs called meat pies. They are based outside the local IHS Clinic. This new group might actually oust them in the whole business and get the kids in trouble. The third episode aired on the 16th of August and was titled, Uncle Brownie.

In this episode, we saw that a new rival crew has started to sell the stuff that these kids initially decided to. Thus, it has created various fights among them. This is why Elora reaches out to her uncle and asks him to teach all the members of Rez Dogs how to fight. Although, Uncle is not as cool as he might look and want something in return as well. Uncle Brownie wants the kids to help him sell meth all across town.

Reservation Dogs Season 1 Episode 5

A still from Reservation Dogs Season 1

Now, in the fourth and the most recent episode of Reservation Dogs season 1, we witnessed the town preparing for the rapper father of Bear. He is about to enter their town. The rapper had a fixed schedule to perform at the local HIS conference. Well, this is all that we have seen till this point in time on the show. If you liked the episodes already and would love to know more about the future, then here we have wrapped up all the information for you guys.

Reservation Dogs Season 1 Episode 5 Release Date and Where to Watch

Reservation Dogs season 1 episode 5 is scheduled to have a release on the 30th of August 2021. There will surely be another full dose of drama to unpack from this episode as well. The episode is supposed to drop out on FX on Hulu. The time set for its release is 12 AM according to ET. New episodes roll out for all the fans on Mondays. There are many possible options that will help you guys in watching your favorite show without much load.

First and the easiest is to watch on FX on Hulu. On the other hand, we have platforms such as YouTube TV as well as Fubo TV and DirecTV. These all will assist the customers in streaming the episodes online but live. If you are a hardcore fan of the show and would not want to miss even a single episode, then the latest entries could be purchased from VOD platforms such as Amazon Prime Video and Apple iTunes.

Reservation Dogs Season 1 Episode 5 Spoilers

Here, we are about to mention some confirmed hints regarding the next episode. If these make you uncomfortable in any way, please feel free to skip the part. In Reservation Dogs season 1 episode 5, we will witness Cheese going on a ride-along with Big. This episode has been penned down by Sterlin Harjo while the task of direction was handled by Blackhorse Lowe. Now, there is not much known about the plot of this episode but we know that Willie Jack, as well as Leon, will surely go hunting at one point later in the show.

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