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Reply 1988 Cast: Get to Know the Members – Nostalgia Revisited

Lee Dong Hwi
Reply 1988. cr: Otakukart

It is very easy to be jaded in these tough times. Many people, both the older generation and the people in their 30s are looking toward simpler times. There is just something charming about the old days, where things used to be much more easier and straightforward. Let’s talk about Reply 1988 cast. Many folks are looking for a series that will warm their hearts, and Reply 1988 is such a series that will make you feel all warm ad fuzzy on the inside.

The stories of all the children, fathers, and mothers intermingle. These stories ebb and flow beautifully, and therefore, it is the perfect drama choice for people who are looking to take a break from the harsh realities of life. Here is a compilation of the cast of Reply 1988.

The cast of Reply 1988 is a feast for the eyes since the characters and the actors playing these characters are young and hopeful. Located in a pastel-hued Seoul in the ’80s, everything seems to be through rose-colored glasses. But the series seems very realistic as well. It is the way in which things and events have been told that makes it both nostalgic and idealistic. The relationships seem purer somehow, and so, the cast of Reply 1988 is the perfect way in which these friendships and family dynamics are portrayed.

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The cast of Reply 1988

Lee Hye Ri as Sung Deok Seon

Sung Deok Seon is the most compassionate and kind of the five friends of the lot. However, she is not the most academically gifted child, since she often places at the last position in her entire high school, which is the horrid 999th position. She does not have a clear vision of her future and lacks a dream, making her feel moorless. Just like the other Reply series the recurring point of the story is actually who is the future husband of Sung Deok Seon.

Cast of Reply 1988

Lee Hye Ri. cr: Creative Group ING

Ryu Jun Yeol as Kim Jung Hwan

Jung Hwan is called Jung-pal by his friends. Hiding behind a stoic and sarcastic persona lies a soft heart. He often takes on different roles and responsibilities to fulfill the hopes and dreams of his older brother who has a chronic heart condition. He is smart and athletic. He has a crush on Deok Seon and even though she likes him for a moment, he is unable to share his feelings, making the right time slip by.

cast of rely 1988

Ryu Jun-Yeol. cr: C-JeS Entertainment

Go Kyung Pyo as Sung Sun Woo

Sung Sun Woo is the older son of a widowed mother. An ideal child, he is a doting brother, a smart student, and the class president. But he has a crush on Deok Seon’s elder sister, who is known to be very much strict and stoic.

cast of reply 1988

Go Kyung Pyo. cr: CL& Company

Park Bo Gum as Choi Taek

Taek is an internationally renokwed Baduk player. But in order to be a smart Baduk player, he has lost out on many important relationship milestones. So, he relies on his childhood friends to ground him in reality. Being an internationally renowned Baduk player has brought him fame and money, but he lacks true companionship from the rest of his peers. As a person, Taek is compassionate and he will not create a fuss. But when he has a crush on Deok Seon, he has to weigh friendships against love and be a little more proactive in his relationships.

cast of reply 1988

Park Bo Gum. cr: Blossom

Lee Dong Hwi as Ryu Dong Ryong

Dong Ryong is a fun-loving friend who loves to pull pranks on his friends. Just like Deok Seon, he is not academically successful. But one of the things that make him hurt is that his family is not close. What this means is that he is the son of two working parents, and looking at his friends’ families, he wants someone to rely on as a close-knit family member. While he is not neglected by his parents, he wants their attention and so, he acts out to get their attention. Dong Ryong is surprisingly insightful and so, it serves him and his friends a lot of the time.

Lee Dong Hwi

Lee Dong Hwi. cr: Harper’s Bazaar

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