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Red Shoes Kdrama: How To Watch Online?

Red Shoes Kdrama KBS2
cr: KBS 2

Another Kdrama has entered the list of many already ongoing ones. Red Shoes Kdrama has just premiered, and it is already trending around the world. Moreover, it’s slightly different from the common South Korean dramas. Where most dramas run for 16-20 episodes (or even less), Red Shoes has 100 episodes under its belt. It looks like the drama and revenge in the new KBS2 show will entertain the audience for a long time. The revenge-filled emotional drama with a huge star cast has a lot to show the audience. So, what are we waiting for? Ahead in the article, find all the deets on Red Shoes Kdrama. 

Red Shoes is an ongoing South Korean drama series. The new KBS2 drama made its debut on July 5, 2021. Helmed by Park Ki Hyun of Unasked Family and The Clinic For Married Couples, the show’s script is penned down by Hwang Soon Young, who has previously worked on dramas such as Great First Wives and Two Mothers. Kim Sang Hui of KBS executively produces the drama. Meanwhile, OH Story is the production company behind the show.

Red Shoes Kdrama KBS2

Female leads of ‘Red Shoes’

The revenge drama between a cold-hearted mother and her determined daughter might shock you with dangerous plot twists. And we will suggest you watch the drama.

How and Where To Watch Red Shoes Drama?

Red Shoes made its debut on July 5, 2021, on KBS2. The drama will have 100 episodes, premiering a new episode every day, except the weekend. Red Shoes will conclude on November 19, 2021. The Kdrama lovers cannot and should not wait for so long to stream the series. You can watch it simultaneously as the new episodes releases every week.

People living in South Korea can easily access the drama via a local cable network. However, it is hard for people living outside the drama land to stream the newly released shows. Nowadays, most dramas are backed by Netflix, and new episodes appear on the streaming giant the same day of their release. But, sadly, Red Shoes is not available on Netflix yet.

But, don’t worry, there are other options to stream the new KBS drama easily. Thankfully, the drama is available on 2 streaming platforms- Rakuten Viki and OnDemand Korea. You can pick one of them according to your suitability. Here, on OnDemandKorea, the show is accessible to people residing only in South and North America. If you happen to live on any of the continents, you can watch it easily. Else, we have option 2- Rakuten Viki- accessible to almost everyone residing anywhere in the world. Check the availability of the drama here. 

Red Shoes tells the story of a heartless mother who leaves her husband, daughter, and sick son after running into his first love again. She abandons her family to chase her first love. Her daughter makes it her mission to avenge her father’s death and ruin her mother’s life. The mix of the cast makes the show more exciting.

Cast and Characters

Choi Myung Gil is playing Min Hee-Kyeong, Kim Jem-Ma’s mother. She has her own goals and life. Also, she is a leader in the shoe industry under the name ‘Laura.’ So Yi Hyun is taking the role of Kim Jem-Ma, Kim Jeong-guk, and MinHee-kyeong’s daughter. After her mother leaves one night, and her father dies in an accident, she grows up as the daughter of the aunt, living next door. Park Yoon Jae is playing Choi Sook Ja, the grandson of the representative of the fusion Korean restaurant.

Red Shoes Kdrama KBS2

The cast of ‘Red Shoes’

Red Shoes also cast Shin Jung Yoon as Yoon Hyeon Seok; Jung Yoo Min as Kwon Hye Bin; Yang Geum-seok as Lee Kyung Hee; Lee Sook as Yang Seon Hee; Sunwoo Jae Duk as Kwon Hyuk Sang, and others.

The writer of the show explained the meaning behind the title of the drama. She shared that the day the main female character left her house, she wore the ‘red shoes’ given by a man in her past. And the last thing she left for her daughter was the necklace with a red shoe charm pendant. Hence, the red shoes which were ‘desire’ for the mother will become the ‘revenge’ for her daughter.

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