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Red Shoes Episode 43: Release Date & Recap

Red Shoes Episode 43
Red Shoes Episode 43

Red Shoes Episode 43 will soon be on our screens, and fans cant wait. This drama has been garnering a lot of attention for its amazing storyline and cast. Also, it has been at the top of the viewer’s rating list of daily dramas for many weeks now. For those of you who do not know what the buzz is about, Red Shoes is an ongoing South Korean cable television drama. Moreover, this drama is filled with revenge, betrayal, and melodrama. It revolves around the life of Kim Gem Ma whose mother abandoned her entire family to run off with her richer first love. Unfortunately for Kim Gem Ma, her father also passed the same night her mother left.

Poor little Kim Gem Ma was left to fend for herself and her ailing younger brother. With an interesting storyline, star-studded cast, and talented crew, this drama is made up of all the perfect ingredients. It is written by the very talented writer Hwang Soon Young. His previous works include great Korean dramas like Great First Wives, Ruby Ring, and Two Mother. Additionally, this drama is directed by the amazing director Park Ki Hyun. Previously, Park Ki Hyun has directed popular dramas like Unasked Family and the Sharp series. The cast of this drama deserves a standing ovation for their amazing performances. Furthermore, So Yi Hyun, who plays Kim Gem Ma, beautifully captures the pain of being betrayed by your own mother. On the other hand, Choi Myung Gil, who plays Min-Hee Kyung plays the selfish mother so perfectly that you can’t help but hate her.

In this article, we will be telling you all that you need to know about Red Shoes Episode 43.

Red Shoes Episode 43 Release Date

Red Shoes Episode 43 release date is September 16, 2021. Furthermore, the release date of this episode falls on a Thursday. Fans have been excitedly waiting for the release of this episode. Kwon Hye Bin and Min Hee Kyung are doing everything in their power to ruin Kim Gem Ma’s life. This show keeps getting more and more exciting with each episode. Fans used to admire Choi Sook Ja for loving and respecting Kim Gem Ma. But when she refused to let Yoon Ki Seok marry Kim Gem Ma, fans became super angry with her. Although fans believe that Kim Gem Ma is super strong, but Min Hee Kyung has caused big trouble for her this time. Furthermore, Red Shoes consists a total of one hundred episodes.

Red Shoes Episode 43

Kim Gemma cr: KBS2

Red Shoes first started airing at the start of July and will keep entertaining its fans till December. Specifically, the show will air on the 6th of December. All the episodes of this revenge drama have a run time of approximately thirty minutes, which makes it easier for fans to watch. Also, other members of the main cast include Park Yoon Jae, Jung Yoo Min, and Shin Jung Yoon. These amazing actors have fan tuning in every single day to watch Red Shoes. Furthermore, the original broadcasting network for Red Shoes is KBS2. This drama has taken up the 19:50 time according to Korean Standard on KBS2.

If you missed the episode on KBS2 or are an International viewer, you can watch the episodes on Rakuten Viki. Rakuten Viki releases the latest episodes of Red Shoes with subtitles in various languages. Also, the episodes are released soon after they are aired on KBS2, so fans don’t have to wait for long.

What Went Down In The Previous Episodes?

The previous episodes of Red Shoes were filled with both heart warming and heartbreaking moments. On one hand, fans really loved how Yoon Ki Seo supported and trusted Kim Gem Ma. But on the other hand, Choi Sook Ja constantly kept torturing her. Furthermore, Min Hee Kyung and Kwon Hyuk Sang seem to be in a full-fledged fight. Both of them want to see each other’s downfall. It will be very interesting to see which one will win as both of them are greedy and selfish. Although Kwon Hye Bin swore to protect her mother, she is still angry that Kim Gem Ma is her sister. On top of that, she also feels jealous because Yoon Hyun Seok cares a lot for Kim Gem Ma.

Red Shoes Episode 43

Red Shoes cr: KBS2

Make sure you do not miss out on any Red Shoes episodes.

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