Pokemon (2019) Episode 109: The Battle Between Lucario and Raihan Begins

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pokemon (2019) episode109
Pokemon (2019) Episode 109: Release Date And Time Cr: OtakuKart

Pokemon (2019) Episode 109 is about to get released, and this gem seems to have no end in the near future. Pokemon (2019) is still going on strong. Who would have thought that the anime which we used to watch when we were kids will stay with us for this long? We might have grown up, but as long as Pokemon will continue to go on, it will keep the little child alive in our hearts alive. Episode 109 of Pokemon (2019) is going to give us more of the Master tournaments, and we can’t wait to see what happens next. Even though we know who our protagonist is, we just know things are going to be interesting. The Pokemons are going to keep us on our feet to see who’s the best. We don’t watch ‘Pokemon’ just to see Ash win but to watch him fight for his win.

We are sure you all are dying to know when you can watch Pokemon (2019) Episode 109. So, we are not going to keep you waiting for long and give you exactly what you need. Even though you might have to wait for Episode 109 to get broadcast, we are going to give the information about when can you watch it right away.

About Pokemon (2019)

In this ninth installment of Pokemon (2019), Pokemon Journeys covers the main story of the game series of Pokemon Sword and Shield from Generation VIII.

pokemon (2019) episode109
Pokemon (2019)

A mysterious Pokemon appears in Vermillion City. As soon as Professor Cerise gets an alert about this mysterious Pokemon, Ash and other trainers set out in search of this Pokemon. On their way, they find Lugia, a legendary Pokemon. Ash, with the help of his forever partner ‘Pikachu’ strikes a thunderbolt attack on Lugia. While Lugia was trying to get away, Ash hops on Lugia and, later on, finds out he was not the only one on Lugia’s back. A guy named Gou was also there. And hence their adventure begins.

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Pokemon (2019) Episode 108 – Recap

Lucario is about to face Raihan in his upcoming battle. And Lucario needs to get stronger soon. For that, he was going to need all the help Ash could provide. So, for that, Ash was reunited with Greninja, his ace Pokemon. Greninja is definitely an important Pokemon for Ash as we can see Ash depending on Greninja more than ever.

We also found out that Leon is going to be the guest commentator in the Bea Battle. Let’s see what kind of commentary we are going to get in the upcoming episode soon.

pokemon (2019) episode109
Episode 108 – Recap

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What To Expect From Pokemon (2019) Episode 109?

What else can we even expect right now? Of course, the battle we have been waiting for so long. Before the battle between Lucario and Raihan begins, we are about to get some action while Ash uses Greninja to train Lucario. Who knows who is going to win? But, all we know is things are about to get real. No matter how childish people might think of this anime, the truth is it never ceases to amaze us.

pokemon (2019) episode109
Episode 109 – Expectations

And we are ready to get amazed in the upcoming Episode 109 of Pokemon (2019). We know this much that the moment this new episode will drop-in, our minds will blow out.

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Pokemon (2019) Episode 109 – Release Date And Time

Pokemon (2019) gets aired every Friday and you can watch Episode 109 of Pokemon (2019) on 6 May 2022. Japanese fans will get to watch this episode at 18:55 hrs Japanese Standard Time (JST). The US fans will get this episode at 02:55 hrs Pacific Time (PT)/ 04:55 hrs Central Time (CT)/ 05:55 hrs Eastern Time (ET). And finally, Pokemon (2019) Episode 109 will be available in India at 15:25 hrs Indian Standard Time (IST).

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pokemon (2019) episode109
Pokemon (2019) Episode 109 – Release Date And Time

Where Can You Watch Pokemon (2019)?

Pokemon (2019) will be broadcasted first on the Local TV Networks in Japan, and after a few hours, the episodes will be available on the online platforms easily. And, for all the newcomers who don’t know where they can watch Episode 109 of Pokemon (2019), it will be easily available on Netflix.

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