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Pearl Harbor Ending Explained & Plot Analysis

Pearl Harbor movie ending
Pearl Harbor (2001)

War movies are mostly always sad, and if you have not watched Pearl Harbor, we recommend you to go and watch the movie right now! The movie feels quite tragic, it has the saddest yet comforting love story in war movies and is quite accurate too. In the end, you will definitely have tears in your eyes and sympathize with those who gave their lives in the War. Set in the backdrop of World War II, as the name suggests, the movie is beautifully tragic. In this article, we will be having a look at the Pearl Harbor movie ending and more about the movie.

However, this movie would be enjoyed if you were just looking for a sad romantic story, cause as a war film, the movie was quite criticized. In fact, the movie has also been considered to be the titanic of war movies, which is true to quite some extent. Hence, if you really enjoyed Titanic and want to watch something romantic with a strong setting, this movie could be your go-to.

Pearl Harbor Movie Plot

Directed by Michael Bay, you know that the movie is going to have some good actions. However, this is one of the early movies that he directed, and hence you will experience his touch, but not to that extent. The plot and ending of Pearl Harbor are quite simple, and there is nothing much to talk about. However, if you want to just know about the movie a bit before you get down to watch it, then here we go! As the name suggests, the movie is based on the Pearl Harbor Attack by the Japanese troops on the USA during World War II.

Pearl Harbor movie ending

A scene from Pearl Harbor.

The movie starts with Rafe and Danny playing in the back of an old biplane that belonged to Rafe’s father. The best friends have a dream of serving their nation as soldiers, just like the soldiers in World War I. Both of them enroll as lieutenants under Major Dolittle during World war II, and now Rafe gets into the Eagle Squadron. During this time, he falls in love with a nurse named Evelyn. However, he has to leave with the Squadron and apparently gets killed in action. Evelyn becomes heartbroken, however, she soon meets Danny, and both of them get into a relationship.

To Evelyn’s surprise, one night, she meets Rafe in front of her house and discovers that he was badly injured and was trapped in France. However, soon he gets to know about her and Danny’s affair and goes away. Both of the friends start fighting over the issue, however, soon, both of them are called to California. The Japanese army had attacked Pearl Harbor, and they are planning to retaliate. Both of them are awarded the silver star and are promoted to the rank of captain. When they are attacking Japan, the mission goes successfully, however, Danny and Rafe’s planes crash, and they are taken in by the Japanese army.

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Pearl Harbor Ending

The Japanese army starts to fire on them when Danny takes a bullet to save Rafe’s life. The Chinese army comes to save them soon enough. Rafe then tells Danny that Evelyn is pregnant with Danny’s child. A dying Danny tells Rafe that it is his child now. We are then brought to the present, where Rafe and Evelyn visit Danny’s grave with his son, named Danny. The ending is not that complicated and instead warms our hearts. The complicated love story gets a way out, and Evelyn could stay with her love, Rafe.

Pearl Harbor movie ending

A scene from Pearl Harbor.

It was also quite heartwarming to see that both the friends finally forgave each other and overcame their misunderstanding. Evelyn would have never gone to Danny if she knew that Rafe was alive. It was nobody’s fault when they got into the relationship. Therefore, we feel quite at peace knowing that the best friends reconciled in the end. However, Danny’s death was quite tragic in the end.

You can watch the movie here.

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