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Outsiders on Dave: Release Date, Host & Contestants

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Comedy has always been the most-watched genre of any entertainment source.  Today, we are going to talk about such show Outsiders on Dave, which has made everyone crazy. People always prefer comedy over other genres. And this is a reality show fully based on comedy. Outsiders have made everyone fall for it. Its unique theme has made this show to be on the top of the list. The theme of the Outsiders show is a challenge with comedy. It is a mixture of dares and comedy. In the series, contestants get a challenge for performing comedy on various difficult stages. Although, the show was announced last year. In 2020, the show was announced on Channel 4.

Now, people have just gone mad after listening to this comedy series. They wanted to know each thing about this show. People from all over the world are continuously asking about its detail. And now, they have also made Outsiders on Dave, a trending topic. This is trending on every social media platform. So, without wasting any second, let’s proceed towards our main aim of collecting information about Outsiders. Otakukart is here to help you all. We will solve all your problems. In this article, we will discuss all the details of Outsiders. We will also discuss its cast, release date & theme. We will also talk about the show’s contestants & hosts.

About Outsiders

Outsiders is a challenging comedy show by Dave. Dave is a UK television channel. Its genre is comedy. The show will be premiered in 2021. But its announcement was made in 2020. Dan Gaster is the writer of this show. While Graham Proud has directed this show. The producers of Outsiders are Victoria Payne, Jack Harris, Anna Collins, Dexter Harries & Adam Perkins. Outsiders’ production company is Renegade Pictures. The show’s duration will be of 1 hour. Outsiders have a total of 6 episodes. Contestants from different countries will be there at the show, which we will discuss later.

Outsiders Release Date

Earlier, it was said that the show will make its premiere in mid-2021. But now, it has changed. Outsiders’ first episode will be launch on the 29th of September 2021. It will premiere on the UKTV channel, Dave. On Wednesday 29th September, at 10 pm, the series first episode will be premiered. It has a total of 6 episodes and each episode will be aired weekly. And the last episode which means the finale will be aired on the 3rd of November 2021. The show will run straight 6 weeks.

Outsiders Trailer

The trailer of Outsiders has not yet been uploaded. But as the release date is coming close, it seems that the trailer will premiere soon. So, let’s wait for the trailer. But it is also confirmed that till now, no trailer of Outsiders has come.

Host of Outsiders

David Mitchell is the host of Outsiders. He will present the show in front of the national television. David Mitchell is an American comedian. His full name is David James Stuart Mitchell. He is 47 years old & also has a multi-talented personality. Currently, he is working as a team captain on the TV series Would I Lie to You? for the BBC.


Poster of Outsiders

Theme of Outsiders

Six contestants will be in the show. They will be given challenges. The challenges will become difficult step by step. All the contestants and the host will be in the forest, between the woods for a week. The challenges will include physical exertion like chopping a tree down & writing a rousing motto or anthem. Different types of challenges will be given to the contestants full of comedy.

Outsiders Contestants

There are six contestants of Outsiders. So, all the six contestants have been chosen from different places. Not much about the contestants’ personalities is disclosed. The first contestant is Toussaint Douglass. Next is Kerry Godliman. He is the second contestant of Outsiders. She is an English comedian. Then the next contestant is Ed Gamble. Lou Sanders is the 4th contestant of Outsiders. Jessica Knappett is the 5th contestant. She is also an actress in the UK. The last contestant is Jamali Maddix.


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