Outlander Season 7 Renewal Has Been Affirmed

Outlander Season 7 Renewal Affirmed
Outlander Season 7 Renewal Affirmed!

Starz’s hit series Outlander, based upon Diana Gabaldon’s novels, tells the stories of Claire and her time travel from World War II to 18th Century Scotland. When she gets there, she starts a relationship with a warrior from the Scots highlands named Jamie Fraser. Moreover, he fights the Brits in the context of the Jacobite uprising. That’s pretty much six seasons summed up. But good news! Starz’s Outlander Season 7 renewal has been affirmed!

After you read our post, you will have all the details about the seventh season of Claire’s adventures in the Scottish highlands as the drama intensifies in this period piece just as the sixth season concluded, leaving us with a cliffhanger. We’re now left wondering when is the next season to find out just what happened!

Outlander season 7 renewal affirmed!
Good news Outlander fans! Season 7 is coming!

Outlander Season 7 Renewal Affirmed

Here’s the good news! Outlander Season 7 is definitely happening. And in case you didn’t know, it’s pretty much old news. Why? Firstly, Starz and the producers confirmed seasons six and seven simultaneously back in March 2021. And that means that the cliffhanger we were left with will be answered.

Outlander Season 6 Trailer

Outlander Season 7 Possible Plotlines

Richard Brown arrives at Fraser’s Ridge to arrest Claire for Malva’s murder at the end of the show’s sixth season. Claire is accompanied to the court in Wilmington by Jamie and Tom Christie to prevent Richard from injuring her. Additionally, Richard orders his troops to take Jamie aboard a ship destined for Scotland halfway through the journey to prevent him from saving his wife from the trial and the hanging. Richard takes Claire to Wilmington prison without Jamie. Assisted by Chief Bird, Ian saves his uncle and his fighters before Richard’s men force Jamie to board the ship. They start their trek to Wilmington together to save Claire.

Claire’s arrest is expected to be addressed in the show’s upcoming season. Tom Christie might be able to save her. Firstly, If the season sticks to the plot of season 7’s sourcebook, ‘An Echo in the Bone,’ we might see Roger, Brianna, and their family return to the twentieth century. In sum, Claire and Jamie might become entangled in the Revolutionary War and end up in Scotland. Fergus, Marsali, and their children may also relocate from New Bern to Philadelphia.

Oulander Season 7 Details

Firstly, the sixth season of Outlander dropped on March 2022 on Starz and ended on May 1, 2022. Secondly, the season was made up of eight episodes of one hour. Thirdly, season seven is happening. We know that way back when Starz confirmed season 6 for renewal. In sum, there will be more of the epic for viewers to enjoy. Additionally, as of early April 2022, the seventh season was already in full production in Scotland. We can confirm this via the show’s social media.

But wait, as there’s more! Season seven will consist of sixteen episodes. And though the series chronicles nine published books, author Diana Gabaldon is already writing book ten. And that might also mean that that book will also be turned into another season. Still, that is up for grabs. Bear in mind that with another book, we can see a lot more of the Outlander universe in many ways, forms and shapes: Like a spin-off, a movie, or even a sequel! It’s up to the producers to figure out what they’re going to do!

Outlander Season 7 Renewal Affirmed
Seasons 6 & 7 were confirmed together back in 2021

When Is Outlander Season 7 Releasing?

As for the release date, if all things go as planned, we can expect Outlander season 7 to drop on Starz sometime around the last four months of this year, or maybe within the first quarter of 2023. It all depends on the post-production schedule and how they handle that. With this information, we arrive at the end of our coverage of this Diana Gabaldon series. Thanks for reading us here at Otakukart. If you liked our piece, share it with your buddies on social media. And don’t forget to go to our front page to see what it’s going on in the ever-changing world of entertainment. See you soon! Happy streaming!

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