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Our Blues Episode 17 Recap: How Can Fate Be So Cruel To Me?

Our Blues
Our Blues

Our Blues Episode 17 was an emotional rollercoaster ride. On the one hand, a child is waiting for her father to recover so that she can witness a hundred moons with him, and on the other hand, a mother who has lost everything in her life is only alive, thinking that she will get to live with her son.

The emotions portrayed are so raw and make one a part of the ongoing situation. Some connections seemed to reconcile, while some may be won’t ever be able to survive. The dynamics of the characters are changing, and we can’t wait to see what the last two episodes will bring to the table. So do watch the forthcoming or rather the final episodes of Our Blues and see what the drama offers us for the last two episodes.

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Our Blues Episode 17 Recap

Our Blues Episode 17 starts with Dong Seok on his regular work day, which gets interrupted by a call. It was from his mother, who wanted him to take her to Mokpo as it was related to his stepfather. An angry Dong Seok refuses. However, eventually agrees to a certain point after being insisted on continuously. Coming back to the adorable pair of grandmother and grandchild, Choon Hee made Eun Ki’s desired food items for breakfast. However, at first, it seemed as if it was not enough to break into her heart. She wanted her grandma to take her side, and after a bit of effort, finally, Choon Hee was successful in feeding her. Later that day, Ok Dong heard Eun Ki speaking about her father’s condition and how she wanted him to recover fast. In no time, Choon Hee got the news which inevitably shattered her. Man Su was her only living son, and he also was facing a critical condition. She headed for Mokpo to meet her son.

Our blues ep 17

A Still From The Series

Choon Hee got to know from the mart where her daughter-in-law used to work about the hospital where Man Su was admitted. Choon Hee shuddered to witness her son like that. How can fate do this to her? He was the only ray of hope left in her life. She lived her days thinking about the time when her son and his family would come and live with her. However, it all felt like a dream at that moment.

Back in Jeju, Eun Ki was having the time of her life as she was enjoying herself along with the young generations. Young Ok, Jung Joon, along with others all, were there to give her company. After coming out of the hospital, Choon Hee gave Eun Hui’s mother an option that if Man Su didn’t want to live anymore, then his decision should be respected.

Our blues ep 17

A Still From The Series

After she returned, Ok Dong shattered after hearing that news. She and Choon Hee have lost everything in their lives. However, the remaining rays of hope were also on the verge of ending. Eun Ki believed that people after they pass away, appear as stars. Brushing away that thought of her, Choon Hee cried her heart out, saying that nobody becomes a star, they all turn into soil, and that is what will happen to her father as well. Meanwhile, with the deteriorating health of Man Su, his family must arrive to say the final goodbye. However, it seemed difficult as the rain just won’t stop. However, the people of Jeju are always there to help, especially when it’s Choon Hee. Eun Hee, Ho Shik, Jung Joon, and the others try their best and eventually all come up with a solution.

Eun Ki prayed that when she saw those hundred stars, instead of hundred wishes, she would pray for the recovery of her father. Through a light display, an image was created that made Eun Ki believe that there were hundreds of moons in real. She, along with Ok Dong, Choon Hee, and Eun Hee, prayed for the healing of Man Su.

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