What Will Happen During The Final War At Mariejois? —Explained

Hey guys. Today I’m here to discuss a brilliant theory about the final far of Mariejois. This theory has spoilers so read ahead at your own risks. So let’s begin. The theme of Mariejois is like Olympus in Greek mythology because they are both the places are located at high altitude and has a gigantic palace which is built on top of the mountain. (Mariejois built on top of the Red Line.) Olympus is the home of divine family and ruling gods and Mariejois is the home of Celestial Dragons which we can say the divine family in One Piece and Gorosei the so called gods.

To understand the theory further we need to go through a bit of Greek Mythology. So, who is the king of gods and ruler of Olympus?
According to the ancient Greece mythology, Zeus is the king of Gods, God of Sky and the ruler of Olympus. Naturally Zeus is the strongest God in Olympus no one can stand up to his power, not even his two brothers. Now who would be Zeus in One Piece.

According to the theorist, a character inspired by Zeus is very possible because there are Gods in One Piece and maybe that strongest God will be the final villain that Strawhats will going to face in the final war against Marines, World Government, Celestial Dragons and Gorosei in the Mariejois.
You all might remember what Oda said earlier about Marineford and the ending of One Piece.

According to Oda, the Marineford war will look average in comparison of the final chapter that’s why he’s motivated to keep drawing One Piece and he likes his fans to stick with him til the end. It is possible that Luffy’s Grand Fleet and maybe other pirates or all pirates and the Revolutionary Army will join the Strawhats in the huge war against World Government, Marines, Celestial Dragons and Gods in Mariejois, this is great to see as the last chapter of One Piece!
Mariejois is the greatest place for the final war because remember the impact, excitement and insanity that we felt when Whitebeard Pirates attacked the base of Marines in Marineford and started the Summit War, what more if we see the Strawhats and his allied forces attack the Marines, World Government, Gorosei and Celestial Dragons in Mariejois and start the final great war.

It will definitely give us more excitement, goose bumps and emotions because many pirates and marines will die in this war. This theory is written by Fire_Fist_Recca. I think it’s really amazing how the theorist compared Mariejois to Olympus.


Something No One Noticed About Shanks’ Crew

Hey guys. Today the character I’m going to discuss is Shanks. He is also known as “Red Haired” Shanks. He is the captain of the Red Hair pirates. He started as a cabin boy on Gol D. Roger’s crew. After Roger’s death, the Roger Pirates disbanded and Shanks set out to become a pirate himself. He grew up to become one of the four Yonkō, who rule over the New World. He was the rival of Dracule Mihawk, who is currently the strongest swordsman in the world. Now comparing Shanks’ crew with the crew of the other Yonkō, I had a rather interesting thought.

First, Whitebeard. He had a fishman as one of his commanders.
Second, Blackbeard. He has a giant, a fishman and winged race under him and probably more now that he is a Yonko.
Big Mom similarly has Homies, Pekoms( a talking lion capable of turning into a tortoise) and Tamago (long-legged person capable of turning into a chicken), Bobbin (a wide-faced mask-wearing man), Randolph ( an anthropomorphic rabbit who rides a crane), Pudding( hybrid between a human and a member of the Three-Eye Tribe) making her crew one of the most diverse.
Kaidō has lot of different races. Basically he’ll take in anyone who has a devil fruit. We know his intentions of building an army of just devil fruit users.
Lastly we have Shanks. We haven’t seen anyone from different race.

Probably Shanks doesn’t take anyone from different race in his main ship. There have been a lot of theories in the past about this as well. Most people assume Shanks is a haki god. It would maintain a balance between the four Yonkō: Big Mom- Paramecia, Blackbeard-logia, Kaido-Zoan, Shanks has no fruit (at least as of now). It looks that Shanks’ crew is entirely focused on using Haki as their primary weapon.

Shanks’ weapon will be the conqueror’s haki. So far we’ve seen the ability to knock people out, taming animals, break objects in a small area of effect, and those haki clashes between Luffy and Don Chinjao or Doffy. Dominating an animal shows them that you’re the leader of the pack.
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