‘One Piece’ Thousand Sunny Is In Danger

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One Piece

‘Whole Cake Island’ is not the best arc when it comes to the fans’ feelings. The whole fan base is now divided, because the characters are not together either. Sanji is doing everything he can to just get the new cake to Big Mom for the wedding. On the other hand, mirror world is experience a fierce battle between Katakuri and Luffy. However, the rest cast is in a precarious position.

So basically, there are snapshots from all these situations when we read the chapter, and next chapter does not seem to be any different. However, the main issue is about Thousand Sunny, as the Big Mom is chasing the Straw Hats. Therefore, there is nobody technically there to keep Thousand Sunny safe. We get to see that Luffy and the others were on Kingbaum and trying hard to get to the Thousand Sunny, but I hope it is not too late when they reach there.

We already saw a shadow figure exiting Nami’s mirror and getting on the Thousand Sunny, and we are not sure who is it. The shadow blocked the identity, so we could not see who was it. Nonetheless, the silhouette belongs to Charlotte Katakuri which was confirmed, and it looks like Brulee’s mirror dimension has been used to sneak onto the Thousand Sunny.

We could not see what Katakuri is doing on Straw Hat ship as the episode ended early. However, it is not going to be anything pleasant, which is very obvious. So, it would be interesting to see what happens next, hence, keep speculating and we will keep you informed about future updates on One Piece only on OtakuKart!

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