One of the good parts of reading a manga and watching an anime is the part where you got to see the characters grow up. It makes long-running manga and anime endings worthwhile, signalling the end of the character’s journey and sometimes, a part of the reader’s life. It just works that way, and it is one good reason why reading manga or watching an anime is a good thing.

That is why when Reddit user Atheistsomalipirate posted a manga page that seemingly depicts Luffy as an adult, it shook the One Piece Reddit community. The page was taken from one version of the first drafts called Romance Dawn (Version 1) which Eiichiro Oda published with Shuesha before. Romance Dawn is the prototype of the very series known today as One Piece.

In the last page features a man wearing a straw hat and leads a bunch of pirates. He was called “Captain” by pirates who found an island and was asking for the permission for the crew to land. The familiar man whose wearing a straw hat is actually Straw Hat Luffy, leading his crew of pirates after all these years. The fans are easy to spot the similarity of Luffy’s character to Shank’s character design. A closer look will also tell how longer the Adult Luffy styles his hair compared to his hair design right now.

Of course it is still early to conclude if Oda will still use this character design or not in the official run of the manga. It is also not easy to conclude if Oda will run his manga until Luffy is a full-grown man (which we all hope he would). This manga, Romance Dawn personally appeals to me that Luffy’s adventure was supposed to start when he’s an adult. But younger Luffy in One Piece is more relate able to the audiences. This is a note from the whole manga.


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