‘One Piece’ Reveals The Bounty of ‘Yonko Blackbeard’

Hey everyone! In today’s post, I’ll be talking about the events that unfolded in the latest One Piece chapter. I have to say; One Piece 925 hammered it home with being the chapter of the year. How many weeks have I repeated that in succession now? I don’t even remember, but all I know is Wano is pretty much the best arc we’ve seen in One Piece post timeskip. It seriously has the potential to surpass the likes of Marineford and Enies Lobby as the best arc in One Piece.

Blackbeard Bounty One Piece

One Piece Reveals Yonko Blackbeard’s Bounty

In the latest chapter, we found out a lot of interesting stuff, but for me, the most interesting detail was the bounty of Blackbeard himself. That’s right; we have our first official Yonko bounty being revealed in One Piece. So far, we never really knew any bounties of the Yonko.

Now, we know that Blackbeard is a man who is worth above 2 Billion Berries. That’s an insane number, but by Yonko standards, I’d say that it is pretty much accurate. Blackbeard became a Yonko after the Payback War, where he fought against Marco. After beating the Whitebeard Pirates, he gained the status of Yonko. Teach is still new compared to the rest of the Yonko, and I think their bounty will be even higher than him.

Right now, Teach has a bounty of 2,247,000,000 berries (2.247 Billion). He’s definitely one of the strongest in One Piece, but it is too early to see him in action. I think Shanks will probably have the lowest bounty among the other three, followed by Big Mom and then Kaido having the highest. This is pretty much my guess.

One Piece is heading into interesting territory now, and I’m sure Oda will keep this up. The crew of Kaido is sure to have high bounties as well, and I’m sure the whole bounty list is going to be shaken at Wano.

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