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One Piece Episode 829: The Wedding of Conspiracies – Review

One Piece episode 829

One Piece anime is in the Whole Cake Island arc right now, and while the manga is almost done with it, the anime still has ways to go. Last week, we saw Bege and Luffy’s meeting ending with the formation of the alliance that is supposed to take down Big Mom, and rescue the Vinsmokes along the way.

This week, we got further information about the event that is supposed to take place at Whole Cake Island in a matter of hours. With the roles for the Wedding now being decided, it was left up to Luffy to do the most crucial role right at the end. Since there is still time until the wedding begins, Sanji made a dramatic return to his room, and successfully fooled the Big Mom Pirates into believing that he was there all the time.

One Piece episode 829

Moving on, we saw the Big Mom Pirates prepare for the wedding ceremony, and the people all around Totland seemed to be really happy about it. The Big Mom Pirates are keeping an eye out for troublemakers, and Mont d’Or specifically notes that something is wrong. An important thing that the anime cleared up was Bobbin’s death. In the manga, we didn’t know if Bobbin had died or not, but now we do know his fate. He was riddled with bullets by one of Bege’s crew members. The Sun Pirates were also a major focus of the episode. Aladdin and Jinbe’s final conversation was revealed to us during this week’s episode. It seems like the New Sun Pirates area set to leave Whole Cake Island, but they’re definitely planning something.

One Piece episode 829

Over on Germa’s side, we can see them preparing for the wedding, and they’re all set, except for Sanji, who still has to wait of course. Judge is unaware of what Big Mom is planning. On the other hand, Big Mom is unaware of what Bege is planning. It is truly a wedding of conspiracies. Unfortunately, the wedding didn’t kick start in this episode. However, we’re definitely going to see it begin in next week’s episode, as is confirmed from the title of the episode.

What’s even more exciting is that fact thant we’ll be seeing Charlotte Katakuri in action at the reception of the Grand Wedding in the next episode of One Piece. The preview also teased that Katakuri’s ability was going to be revealed in the next episode of One Piece. The next episode is definitely going to be one of the better ones. This week, we didn’t get to see too much action, and the pacing wasn’t great either. However, that’s something we’re going to have to get used to now. Direction-wise, I feel this episode was really good, and let’s hope for the next episode to be directed in the same manner. That’s all we have from this week’s One Piece Episode. I hope you all enjoyed the review.

What did you think of One Piece Episode 829?

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