“One Piece” Chapter 946 – Updates

One Piece manga is just releasing one awesome chapter after another and Oda is just making us crave for new chapters week in week out. In the last chapter, we got quite a few new details. In this chapter, we saw how cleverly Basil Hawkins has trapped Trafalgar D Law. Hawkins knows that he cannot face Law head-on so, instead, he has made his crew his voodoo dolls and is threatening to hurt himself which will just hurt Law’s crew.

Law is thus under an unusual situation right now in Wano. Also, Zoro is still battling Kyoushiro and Sanji is battling X-Drake. Sanji was shocked when he saw Hiyori Kozuki hugging Zoro tightly this did not seem believable for Sanji. Meanwhile, Big Mom has, at last, arrived at Udon prison. She has surprised everyone, both Queen the Plague and Monkey D Luffy were shocked to see her and scared as well. Luffy was surprisingly quick to recognise that she does not recognise him. Queen, on the other hand, transformed in no time and in the process Oda revealed his devil fruit as well.

His devil fruit is Ancient Zoan Type Brachiosaurus. Meaning that he is an ancient dinosaur having a very long neck on the top. Big Mom did not waste any time and straightaway attacked him. She just landed a punch on his head which was seemingly enough for Queen to stay down.


This is where the chapter ended. Unfortunately, we will not be getting any One Piece chapter this week. The release date of the new chapter is 24 June 2019 but the scans will be out by 21 June 2019.

So, what will happen in this new chapter of One Piece? In this chapter, we will see Big Mom going berserk after she does not find any Oshiruko in Udon Prison. She will just cause havoc and nobody will stop her and Queen I think has lost the battle before it even got started. Also, Monkey D Luffy might gather more troops for his rebellion as he has Hyougoro alongside him who everyone respects.

Luffy will also save Kid and Killer since Queen isn’t around anymore. What I’m waiting to see is how Trafalgar D Law is able to deal with the trap that Basil Hawkins has laid down for him. Do mention in the comments section down below what are your thoughts regarding One Piece chapter 946. I’m certainly excited about the next chapter of One Piece manga.

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