‘One Piece’ Anime December Episode Schedule

The One Piece anime is now very close to the climax of the Whole Cake Island arc, and things will get more interesting with each passing episode now. Luffy vs. Katakuri will be focused on in the next few episodes, and I’m very excited to see what the anime staff has to offer.

One Piece Episode Schedule

I have been nothing but impressed with what the anime has produced in Whole Cake Island, and I hope that the climax is even better than what we’ve seen so far. One Piece has been improving in quality with every single passing arc, and with the effort that the staff has been putting in, you just know that the next few episodes will be great. Here’s the December schedule for the One Piece anime:

One Piece Episode 864
One Piece Episode 864 will air on December 9. The episode will focus on Luffy vs. Katakuri. We will also see Big Mom on the Sunny, and the counterattack of the Strawhat Pirates.

One Piece Episode 865
One Piece Episode 865 will come out on December 16. The episode will likely focus on Luffy trying to look into the future and the introduction of Charlotte Flampe.

One Piece Episode 866
One Piece Episode 866 airs on December 23. Sanji and the Firetank Pirates will get close to the Sunny after finishing the cake. Meanwhile, Luffy will vow to leave the Mirror World after defeating Katakuri because his comrades believe in him. Big Mom continues to chase the Strawhats at sea.

One Piece Episode 867
One Piece Episode 867 will be the big one, but it won’t come out this month. The One Piece anime is going on a break after Episode 866. The anime will return a week later, and so the anime will resume with Episode 867 on January 6, 2019. We’ll see Luffy getting stabbed with Katakuri’s trident in this episode.

That’s all we know about One Piece’s anime schedule for December 2018, and the first week of January 2019. It looks like a solid month, so let’s see what the episodes have to deliver.

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