One Piece 927 Leaks Are Now Online

Hey everyone! It’s spoiler day, and One Piece 927 leaks are out already. I know you’re all excited for this week’s chapter. Let me just say that the chapter is very interesting. It is a lot better than last week’s chapter, and we are getting a lot of interesting stuff aorund Sanji and Franky.

One Piece 927

Orochi and the Queen Calamity are also a big part of this chapter and there are also one or two hype moments. Note the the fully detailed spoilers aren’t out yet, but we expect them to come out in the next few hours.

We’ll update this post if we get more details. With that being said, let’s go ahead and go through One Piece 927 spoilers. Here’s a quick warning before we begin, if you don’t want to get spoiled, please stop reading here.

One Piece 927 Official Spoilers

“Kyoshiro’s henchmen are beaten up by Sanji and Franky because they wasted food. There is an oiran (courtesan) who is a super idol in Wano Kuni. Her name is Komurasaki. Kyoshiro is aware that his subordinates were beaten up, since Kyoshiro himself was summoned to attend Orochi’s feast, he asked Queen to send an assassin/assassins.
Orochi is determined that today he will make Komurasaki fall for him.

Update #1:
– Cover page: Garp fights with a bear over salmon
– Orochi appears to be a dragon (eastern) but there’s only his shadow/silhouette in this chapter.

Update #2: 
– According to the Japanese spoiler guy, Orochi has the appearance of a Yamata no Orochi.
– Translation by @Masasoite from Orojackson Forums.”

As I said, the complete spoilers for the chapter aren’t out yet. But just this much tells us that the chapter is going to be insane. As we speculated earlier, Orochi does indeed have a Dragon Devil Fruit with 8 heads. This is completely new, and I hope he’s even better than Kaido in terms of design.

One Piece 927 Official Release Date

There are some unofficial sites that allow you to read One Piece manga. However, even if you read the scanlation, please support the official release by waiting for the official release, which will help the anime and manga community. We will see One Piece return next week, most likely. For now, the scans will be out by 7 December 2018. One Piece Chapter 927 returns officially on 9 December 2018.

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