One Piece 916 Release Date, Spoilers

One Piece 915 was somewhat of a let down after the hype that they were building with all these chapters. Before we proceed with the post, let me warn you that this post is full of spoilers so if you don’t like spoilers, then I suggest that you stop reading the post right now. Now that we have got it out of the way let’s begin. In the previous chapter, we saw Zoro and Luffy arriving in Bakura town, and Luffy straightaway got involved in a fight with some Ronin. He knocked them out with his Haoshoku Haki.

One Piece 916 Potential Spoilers

We also saw O-Kiku being taken away Urashima. However, O-Kiku retaliated and cut off his topknot. Seeing all of this Luffy got excited and it seems that we are in for real in the chapter of One Piece. We saw that inside the town, there is a wrestling event going and the winner of this event will end up with 500 pieces of gold. The rules are fairly simple. The contestant just needs to bring down Urashima, and they’d end up with the prize.

It seems that in the next chapter, we will probably see Zoro fighting against Urashima to save O-Kiku. So, Luffy might be sent after O-Tama to save her; As we know that Holdem is after O-Tama’s ability to tame animals. He has already tried forcibly to use the ability of O-Tama. Before some higher ranked official takes note of O-Tama and her ability, it’s better for Luffy to save her. Luffy already owes her a lot, and he wouldn’t want her in any more trouble.

One Piece 916 Release Date

The next chapter of One Piece will come out on September 3, 2018. The manga scans will be available a few days before the official release. It is advised to wait for the official release of the chapter to help the manga community.

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