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Oh My General Worth Watching? A Review

Oh My General updates
Chinese drama Oh My General

Last Updated on April 28, 2021 by OtakuKart Staff

Oh, My General Worth Watching? A review is something we’ll be dealing with today. Before watching any drama, the first and foremost thing that we want to look into is, it is worth investing such a long time. Since often many people can not leave a drama in between and watch it until the very end. So, the need to know the true worth of the show increases a lot in these cases. Oh, My General is a chinses drama with a total of whopping 60 episodes. So the drama is time-consuming and a little lengthy. Often Chinese dramas have a minimum of 30 episodes which extends up to 50-60 episodes at times.

The historical drama Oh My General is not a currently released drama; it is actually a rather old released drama. The drama was released in 2017, and still to date, we talk about it. That in itself signifies the worth of the drama overall. The drama was adapted from the novel “General Above I am Below” by Ju Hua San Li. The dramas that usually are adapted from webtoons or novels are often too good and gives us a realistic approach while watching them. The connectivity with such dramas is a lot more than the others. The drama was aired in the latter half of 2017and was quite popular in china. The whole story is set on the backdrop of the Song dynasty. Earlier in the year 2017, the pre-production and the arrangements of the drama were started and finally released on 25th October 2017.

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Oh, My General Worth Watching?

Oh My General review

A Still from Oh My General

My answer to this question would be absolutely it is worth watching. Though the drama is a bit lengthy yet it is a must-try. After all the serious historical stereotype dramas, this series, in particular, breaks those norms and puts forward before us a masterpiece. The drama won’t disappoint you, that is for sure. Though it is historical yet it is light, funny, and entertaining to watch. The notion of historical dramas presented before us is that they are serious. But this drama is a full fun banter the main lead actor and actress are both such a sport that it makes the whole drama entertaining. Even the side support roles are equally important and keep us thrilled throughout.

The drama is set in the times of the Song dynasty. Ye Zhao is the main lead of the drama who aspires to become a general of outstanding ability. She gains power and respect slowly that puts the emperor in thought about her possessing too much power. He worries that her holding so much control might disturb his rule and sets her up with his nephew. Zhao Yujin is the Prince of Nanping and is a non-threat to mostly all. He is not active in the actual field and gets married to Ye Zhao. The prince is considered as someone who is utterly beautiful and is not active in any good pursuits.

The fun banter between the two is a delight to watch and super entertaining that keeps you glued to your seats. The drama adapted from the novel “General Above I am Below” by Ju Hua San Li doesn’t at a point seem boring or non-interesting and is a must-try for all who are looking for something light and interesting.

The cast of Oh My General

Oh My General cast

A Still from the Chinese drama Oh My General

The direction of the drama has been done under wen Jie and Clarence Fok. Sandra Ma has been cast in the main lead role for playing the role of Ye Zhao. Peter Sheng has been cast as the main lead actor for the role of Zhao Yu Jin. Ding Chuan has been cast for the role of Hu Qing. The art direction of the drama is Lu HaoJi Ji. Apart from them, several other actors and actresses have been cast in support roles and guest roles.

The drama had a total of 60 episodes that aired from 25th October 2017 to 13th December 2017. It aired on the original network Youku with a duration of each episode be approximately 45mins. The drama is currently also streaming on the online streaming site Viki along with subtitles. The genre of the drama includes military, romance, comedy, historical, and drama.

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