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ODD TAXI Anime Film Earns 130 Million Yen Worldwide in Less Than A Month


An anime television series and manga titled Odd Taxi was produced by OLM and P.I.C.S. and was broadcast on TV Tokyo and AT-X in Japan from April 6 to June 29, 2021. An anime film titled Odd Taxi: In the Woods was released in Japanese cinemas in April 2022. It was announced by the animation studio on December 25, 2021, that the anime adaptation titled Odd Taxi: In the Woods would be released on April 1, 2022. The original series cast and staff will reprise their roles. In this article you will know about ODD TAXI Anime Film Earns 130 Million Yen. so keep reading till the end.

The story follows Odokawa a taxi driver who lives a very ordinary life, doesn’t have a family, doesn’t travel much, and is a weirdo who has narrow-minded ideas and doesn’t like to interact. It seems that all of his patrons, aside from his classmate from high school, Kakibana, he can call friends. He has no acquaintances outside of his doctor and his classmate from high school. Kabasawa is a college student who wants to be noticed online. Shirakawa is a nurse with secrets. The Homosapiens are a comedy duo…Yet somehow every mundane conversation somehow leads to a girl who has gone missing.

ODD TAXI Anime Film Earns 130 Million Yen

According to the Mainichi Shimbun, Mantan Website on Sunday, Eiga Odd Taxi: In the Woods, the film project based on the original anime Odd Taxi, has earned 130 million yen (approximately US $1.01 million). According to the film’s producer, Daisuke Hiraga, theatres are gradually screening the film more frequently.

A Japanese TV show based on the film premiered on April 1. On that date, the film debuted in 34 theatres, ranking #10, and earned 52 million yen (approximately $4,23,685 million US) in its first weekend.

It will offer “a view into the world of OddTAXI following the shocking finale.” Tying up all the loose ends from the series, Odd TAXI: In the Woods is a compilation film of the original TV anime.

ODD TAXI Film Main Cast

The cast members of the main series have been announced by Famitsu. The majority of the main cast performs the same role in the movie. Japanese Characters are Miho Shirakawa as Riho Iida, Hiroshi Odokawa as Natsuki Hanae, Eiji Kakihana as Kappei Yamaguchi, Ayumu Goriki as Ryōhei Kimura, Shiho Ichimura as Moeka Koizumi, Rui Nikaido as Suzuko Mimori, Yuki Mitsuya as Manatsu Murakami, Shibagaki and Baba (Homosapiens) as  Yūsuke and Atsuhiro Tsuda (Diane comedy duo), Kenshiro and Koshiro Daimon as Kohei and Asei (Miki comedy duo).

ODD TAXI Anime Film Where To Watch

The film was already released in Japan on April 1. ODD TAXI film Streaming will be available on Crunchyroll later this month.

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