If you grew up playing Final Fantasy games, especially the pixelated one, then you must be familiar with how Japanese Role-playing game or JRPGs work. Up to four small avatars will be fighting an enemy that is bigger than the four avatars combined. Avatars will take turn attacking the opponent until it dies…or the other way around. But what if this style is merged with the Avengers?

マーベル・スタジオ公認✨ 『#アベンジャーズ/インフィニティ・ウォー』がRPGゲーム風🎮に‼ 最凶最悪の敵<ラスボス>#サノス に力を合わせて挑むアベンジャーズたち! 勝率0%といわれる“無理ゲー”の闘いに挑む・・・⚡果たして彼らの運命は? https://t.co/ULlCLf6XnW pic.twitter.com/YXgdxLDi3q

— 『アベンジャーズ』[公式] (@AVG_JP) April 24, 2018

Marvel Japan posted a video promotion that shows how Avengers and Final Fantasy might meet. In a very classic Final Fantasy way, the video started with the introduction of the Infinity Stones and how these gems can destroy the universe. The accompanying audio is even impressive, albeit 16-bit.  Ironman, Spiderman, Doctor Strange, and Star-Lord are later seen flying out and landing into what seems like a forest area. They are warped into a rocky terrain where Thanos waits. A battle will commence afterward.


The gang tried to pummel Thanos with their ultimate attacks. However, Thanos just one-shotted all of them in a party-wide attack. Black Widow, Captain America, and Hulk then appeared to help their comrades only to suffer the same fate. The video ended with the question “Will the Avengers be able to save all the life in the Universe?” The video ended with the answers promised to be revealed in the film.

This video crossover is received with open arms by both fans of two franchises. This might seem coincidental, but Den of Geeks pointed out how crazy it is that Square Enix happens to be making an Avengers game. Square Enix is the maker of the Final Fantasy game series. This is likely a marketing campaign for both the Square Enix game and the Avengers movie and not a preview of anything big. But heck, if this game will really be made, I’m gonna pour my money to buy it.

Avengers 2

Will there be an official crossover between the Avenger game and Final Fantasy characters? Final Fantasy games such as the Dissidia Final Fantasy make  FF characters from different sequel fight each other. There are also games such as Kingdom Hearts that pits characters coming from Nintendo and other games. It would be really awesome if a Marvel and FF collaboration will happen in the future in any existing media today. Although pixelated RPGs are rarely seen these days, this video proved that old-school RPGs are awesome on their own account.


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