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Preview and Recap: Mother of the Goddess’ Dormitory Episode 2

Mother of the Goddess' Dormitory
Mother of the Goddess' Dormitory

Mother of the Goddess’ Dormitory has recently debuted; let’s find more about this anime. A young boy wakes up in front of naked girls and wonders why life has turned like this for him. Let’s take a look at how the young boy ended in this world filled with women. When a boy came back from school, he found that his home is on fire and nothing he can do; instead of taking responsibility, the father runway and leaves the young boy alone. Koishi Nagumo was twelve years old when his father left him.

Koishi began roaming alone in the streets like a lone wolf. The next day Koichi collapses due to hunger and roll on the road. No one looks at him, and they pass as they believe that everyone minds their own business in this town. Fortunately, a lady arrives and comments that scavenging for food is a dangerous game. The lady told Koishi that she is the researcher and ask him what he wants to eat. Koishi saw her chest and said something weird. The episode title is ”Koishi Becomes a Dorm Mother.”

Later Koishi and the lady arrive at her house, and Koishi enjoys eating delicious food after so many days. After eating, Koishi notices that she is toying with him and decides to bathe. Koishi wonders what this place is and finds something written Goddess Dominatory rules. He went and changed, preparing to wash, and wonders if this house belongs to the ladies. Inside the shower, Koishi is surprised to find naked ladies and stoped at the entrance. The ladies wonder why the boy is inside here and wonders who let him. One of the ladies comments that the boy is here to spy on them.

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Previously on Mother of the Goddess’ Dormitory Episode 1

Atena heard someone screaming and wonders what is happening. She enters the house after fixing the Goddes Dominatory board. Mineru welcomes her, and Aneta asks who is inside the bathroom. Suddenly a young boy came out running and Aneta wonders who that boy. Koishi apologizes for entering the girls’ bathroom, and he falls under Aneta’s skirt and wonders why it is so dark and soft. Aneta realizes that a boy touched her.

The girls realize that Aneta can’t handle men, and she doesn’t want any man inside the dorm. Later Mineru told Koishi that this is Goddess Dominotory at Sikam Women’s University. She said to him that she was the interim dorm mother, Mineru Wachi attending her fourth year. He replies that he is Koishi Nagumo attending his first year in middle school. Kiriya Sesnho a second year, Frey a third year, Serene Hozumi, and Aneta all stay together. Mineru is the one who invited the girls into this house.

Mother of the Goddess' Dormitory

Mother of the Goddess’ Dormitory

Dorm Mother

The girls wonder how Mineru and Koishi met since they seem to know each other well. Koishi reveals that he has no house, family, no money, and had no place to stay; Koishi told them he wants to find a job and continue with his school. The girl realizes that he has no home. Mineru asks Koishi if he is okay to work here as the dorm mother. The girls realize that they don’t have a dorm mother, and they need someone to fill that role.

Mineru told Koishi that he would get a room and monthly salary paid in cash. Koishi accepted the offer and became the dorm mother. The girls realize that Aneta is not around, and they have to convince her since she doesn’t like boys around her. The girls head to Aneta’s room number 205 and ask her to have a minute with them. Aneta comes out, and Mineru said the boy’s name is Koishi, and they are hiring him as their dorm mother. She rejected Koishi and told the girls not to say anything.

Aneta replies that there is no chance that a  boy can become their dorm mother. The next day they wait for Aneta, and Mineru tried to talk with her, but she still refuses. Koishi wonders what Aneta’s problem and Mineru comments: Aneta is the new student who recently moved from another dorm. Aneta has a sheltered childhood, and she went to an all-girls high school. Her last dorm had problems with girls bringing their boyfriends home.  Later, Aneta accepted Koishi, but the other girls toy with Koishi.

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Mother of the Goddess’ Dormitory Episode 2 Release Date

Mother of the Goddess’ Dormitory Episode 2 release date is 22 July 2021. You can watch Mother of the Goddess’ Dormitory online on ANIPLUS and HIDIVE.

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