Spoilers & Preview: Monsters at Work Season 1 Episode 7

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Monsters at Work started airing its Season 1 and will soon return with its Episode 7 on Disney Plus. It has got not only the kids but also the adults hooked to its amazing plotline. There is always a lot that is going on in the show, and every plot is so dramatic and intense yet fun to watch. This current animated series will serve in the form of a sequel to the 2001 film called Monsters Inc. It is also officially become a part of the Monsters, Inc media franchise. The genre that this series excels in is comedy as well as fantasy. All the characters that are included in the drama have been created by Pixar Animation Studios.

In the sixth episode, which was released two days ago and was titled The Vending Machine, we saw Tylor doing damage to Vendy, but he had no intentions to do so. It is the vending machine at the MIFT. This made him feel very sad about the machine because he has always been bad at repairing tasks since he has joined Monsters, Inc. Also, there is a certain level of gloom in the company, and we can already see that it is bringing the morale of our workers down.

Given the fact that they do not have the necessary budget right now because of the financial chart going down, Fritz is forced to make a new decision. She decided to fire one of the team members, and now that Vendy is also broken, she is very sad. This happens until Mike makes an entry. He makes a variety of changes in MIFT. First of all, he upgrades the area with various luxuries and even gets Vendy fixed. But then, disaster happens again when Duncan and Tylor get into another argument and break the new vending machine.

Monsters at Work Season 1 Episode 7
A still from Monsters at Work Season 1

Monsters at Work Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

This incident gives the machine a mind of its own, and it starts to attack Duncan. This is when Tylor jumps in further to break the machine completely in order to save his mate. Fritz is totally disappointed by this behavior and makes another sad decision. He announces that, rather than firing any hardworking member of the team, he will retire himself. This is where Mike comes to the rescue once more. He has a super-fast brain with crazy ideas that all work. It uplifts the morale as well as the income at the workplace, which in turn convinces Fritz to stay with the team.

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On the next day, we see that Tylor surprises everybody. The members loved Vendy, and he repairs the original one. In the comedy class of Mike, which we all see at the end, he is trying to explain the entire concept of the clown. Although, there are some of the monsters that come off scarier than just a clown in the makeup. Now, this was all with the recap of the episode. We shall discuss everything that lies in the next episode of the show for us.

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Monsters at Work Season 1 Episode 7 Release Date

Monsters at Work Season 1 Episode 7 is scheduled to be released on 11th August 2021. This new episode is titled Adorable Returns. You guys should know that the new entry of Monsters at Work season 1 rolls out every week. All you have to do is keep your eye out on Wednesdays. This installment is supposed to have ten episodes, and we have already received 6. This means only four are left now. You can only watch the newest episodes from the show on Disney Plus. There is no other way to watch the content legally in the United States right now.

Well, if you are wondering about any potential spoilers right now, it is disappointing to know that there is none. Still, we would like to guess some for you guys. Given the fact that there is always a new plot in each episode, this time too, we will be subjected to a new drama. We have seen Mike quite less recently. Thus, this episode might actually be focused on him. It is already expected of Tyler to make a mess or Duncan to start a fight. But we do not know what will happen yet. All in all, everything will turn out amazing in the end, no matter what.

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