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Marvel’s Black Widow: All You Need To Know

When Does Black Widow Come Out?

Avengers: Endgame was the last time, we caught a glimpse of Natasha Romanoff. While the Avengers were on their mission to go back in time and retrieve the Infinity Stones, Natasha and Clint faced a situation. To get the Soul Stone, they must sacrifice a loved one, for doing so Natasha sacrifices herself so that Clint could take back the stone. This was a truly heartbreaking moment where we lost one of the prominent Avengers. But, this grieving moment was short-lived as the announcement for a standalone Black Widow movie came out.

Black Widow is intended to be Marvel Cinematic Universe’s 24th installment along which it will also begin Phase Four of MCU. A standalone Black Widow was previously to be made by Lionsgate back in 2004, but Disney won its rights. After which, the character has appeared in multiple MCU films with the actress herself showing an interest in the standalone film. Now, we finally get one as we Black Widow at a time period between the events of Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War. Moreover, this movie isn’t a stale standalone movie but just like its predecessors, builds up to further plotlines as well.

Black Widow Plot

When Does Black Widow Come Out?

Natasha Romanoff must face her past.

Captain America: Civil War divided the world’s heroes into two factions. The fallout had a huge impact on each of the members, so was the case of Natasha Romanoff as well. So, she heads back to her roots where she is ready to face her family and confront the demons from her past. She had made some grave mistakes before she became an Avenger and now she must make amends. At birth, Natasha was given to the KGB, where using her intense skills she soon became an operative. But soon after the USSR broke up, the Government sent forces in order to take her down.

She teams up with her family so as to confront the unstoppable mercenary, Taskmaster. He is a skilled tactician adept in Martial Arts who is assigned to recruit and brainwash young girls to become Assassins. While fighting him off, Natasha must deal with her broken relationships and mistakes she dealt before she joined the Avengers.

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Black Widow Release Date

When Does Black Widow Come Out?

Natasha Romanoff and Yelena Belova.

Marvel’s Black Widow has been a victim of repeated postponements. At first, its release date was set for 1st May 2020 but due to the COVID pandemic, it wasn’t possible to premiere it in Cinemas. So, it was set at a later date on 6th November 2020. This time as well there was no luck as the movie was again rescheduled to come out on 7th May 2021.

Due to the success of WandaVision on Disney+, there even was a discussion as to have a hybrid release of Cinemas and Disney+. But, this was rejected for the film to have a theatrical premiere. The issue with the constant delay persists at the fact that events in MCU are connected to one another. So, altering the order might harm the viewing experience. The fact that Yelena, a character from this movie is present in the Hawkeye series could turn out to be a problem. We can only wait and watch, what marvel does to cover this fact.

As for Disney+, there is no confirmation yet regarding the premiere, but if it does happen, it may have an additional cost. Lastly, the movie’s runtime is revealed to be 133 minutes.


The cast of Black Widow.

Undoubtedly, Scarlett Johansson will be reprising her roles as Natasha Romanoff, the former KGB assassin and SHIELD agent. She is joined by Florence Pugh who will play Yelena Belova, also a member of the Black Widow training program. Yelena is a sister figure to Natasha but they do have their own bad blood between them. She is also set to return in the Hawkeye series, meaning she will be a part of the MCU in the long run. David Harbour and Rachel Weisz will play as Reg Guardian and a trainee of the Black Widow program, both of whom are parent-figures to Natasha and Yelena. As of now who will play Taskmaster isn’t revealed but we will have a cameo by Robert Downey Jr. and will also be seeing William Hurt as General Ross from The Incredible Hulk.

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