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Maria Shriver Net Worth: Personal Life & Career

Maria Shriver Net worth
Maria Shriver

The popular journalist is in the public eye for her professional life. So let’s take a look at Maria Shriver and her net worth. Little did you know that the 65-year-old is popular for representing herself as the former first lady of California. And the ex-wife of Arnold Schwarzenegger. But she has generated massive attention towards her as an American Journalist. Throughout her whole career, she’s popular for her openness and systematic persona. Since she’s pretty successful in her career, people are longing to know more about her earnings and income. And we’ll tell you all about it.

But before we get to that, let’s take a look at Maria’s career timeline. From a very young age, she’s been a part of two very influential and powerful families. So she’s pretty used to being around activists and politicians. Maria spent most of her childhood in California, and she was well aware of all the consequences and possibilities of being in the political industry. Maria completed her graduation from Georgetown University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in American Studies. All her fans have been deeply looking into her professionalism since the day she stepped into politics. So, let’s take a look at Maria Shriver and her net worth.

Maria Shriver Net Worth

Maria is one of the richest politicians. As of now, Maria Shriver has a net worth of more than $200 million. And guess what? She’s earned it all through her efforts. Apart from being a politician, she earns her share of wealth from journalism as well. Moreover, she wanted to become a journalist from a very young age. In 2020, it was announced that Maria is the anchor for NBC news. Moreover, we are pretty sure that you are well aware of the Kennedy family. Yes! They’re one of the most influential families. And guess what? Her mother is the main connection between Maria and the Kennedy family.

Maria Shriver Net Worth

Maria Shriver

Apart from her assets, she receives her share of money from the Kennedy family as well. Maria’s maternal family was already popular with all the whereabouts. This was way before she stepped into politics. So she never really had to suffer from any problems, especially the financial ones. In 1972, she came across her father’s presidential race, and that’s the main reason behind her interest. She started her journalism career with CBS and NBC news. In 2003, she became the first lady of California. But, she left the position because of her contrasting working schedule.

Apart from this, Maria earned another part of her income through acting as well. She went for several minor roles in different movies like ‘Last Action Hero’. She earns around $7.5 million from the Kennedy family. Maria earned these assets mainly from the ‘Vornado Realty Trust’. Moreover, in the year 1998, Maria’s maternal family earned more than $200 million. Over these years, Maria has got her revenue and income through different television programs as well. It included programs like ‘ The Alzheimer’s Project’. Moreover, she is also an advocate for people with intellectual abilities. So, Maria’s got multiple sources to generate her income.

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Maria’s ‘Divorce Settlement’

Maria Shriver tied a knot with the famous actor and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. The couple was in love. Moreover, they met each other at a tennis tournament in 1977. They began dating, and eventually, in 1986, they got married after being together for a very long time. Everything was working well at first, but this marriage didn’t last long. According to their fans, Arnold and Maria were planning on getting a divorce in May 2011. The main reason behind their separation was Arnold’s infidelity. He had a secret relationship with his former housekeeper. Moreover, he also had a child with her named Joseph Baena. It became very difficult for Maria to maintain her stance.

Maria Shriver Net Worth

Arnold Schwarzenegger (left) and Maria Shriver (right)

So Maria and Arnold officially separated from each other in 2017. She was already aware of his infidelity, and thus she broke off everything in the year 2011 itself. Maria received around $200 million after their divorce and also shared custody of their kids. Moreover, many of their fans didn’t like their association because of Arnold’s past. He has a history of dating multiple women. After 14 years of secretly handling his illegitimate child, he confessed about this in public. As of now, both of them are busy with their individual lives.

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