Where is Lupin Filmed? The French Series Production Locations

Lupin Filming Locations
Lupin Filming Locations

Lupin is a crime drama series with two seasons and ten episodes. It was released on January 8, 2021. The series was created by George Kay and Francois Uzan. Lupin web series is currently premiering on Netflix since January 8. The web series was released into two parts. The first five episodes were released in January. The other parts were released in June 2021. There’s a rumor that Netflix is coming with the third part. Lupin was streamed by 70 million people around the world during its first month. It also became the most-watched non-English series on Netflix. Not only the story and suspense of Lupin, but viewers are also more attracted by its filming locations.

Lead character Assane Diop played by Omar Sy, is on his way to avenging his father’s death. Assane transformed himself into his favorite fictional character Arsene Lupin. Lupin then plans to take revenge on the rich Pellegrini family, who is involved in his father’s suicide. Let’s talk more about the story and the filming locations.

What is Lupin about?

Have you ever been inspired by a character so much that you wanted to change yourself into him? What if the character is a thief? Would you still change like him? Well. There are so many robbery-based movies and series like now you see me, Ocean eleven, etc. One of Netflix’s most famous Money Heist series is also a robbery-based series. One common thing in all these series and movies is the plan and execution of the robbery.

Lupin Filming
Lupin – Filming Locations

Planning and executing step by step is the key in all these robbery movies. It’s like an art, an art of stealing. Lupin is also a robbery-based movie based on a fictional character Arsene Lupin. Arsene Lupin is a French character created by a famous French writer in the late 90s. Lupin is also well known as a gentleman burglar or gentleman thief. Lupin has a unique style of stealing things that symbolizes him and his work. He possesses so much intelligence and knowledge due to his intense research before going for a robbery.

Lupin is originally a French-based web series, later dubbed into an English version. The fictional character Lupin was created by French writer Maurice Leblanc.

Lupin Filming Locations

Lupin is filmed in Paris and Normandy. Featuring many crowded tourists places like Louvre, Labrouste, and Catacombs. Many Parisian bridges and streets are also shown in the series.

In episode one, a lot of famous places are featured, including the art gallery where the Mona Lisa is located. The pyramid of the atrium is also featured in the first episode. Marie Antoinette’s necklace has a history in French literature. This is the same necklace that led Lupin’s father’s suicide. The series is based on true events based on the conspiracies of Antoinette’s necklace.

Lupin scenes
A scene in Lupin

Assane, aka Lupin, and his wife Claire, played by Ludwig Sagnier, meet in a restaurant in episode one. It’s the L’appartement Saint-Martin located in Paris. It’s located in the tenth arrondissement. It has the history of Porte Saint-Martin, and Porte saint martin is the same archway where Claire walks under to the rose paper to Assane in episode one.

Assane plans for the robber and enlists help for Louvre heist, located in Croix-De-Chavaraux in Montreuil. It is a residential development place located on the east side of Paris. Assane approaching high rise Scene is filmed in Conservatoire de Montreuil. It is built with steel and concrete in the mid-70s, the national center of Music and Dance’s pods are designed especially for soundproofing of each class.

Assane and Claire’s apartment is located in Lycee Jacques Decour, as Francoise Dupertuis. The entrance is seen throughout the series and apartment. Lupin’s production team created an apartment for some scenes. Assane and Claire’s son Raoul’s return in part two is one such scene. The apartment set is built in the attic space of Lycee Jaques Decour by the production team.

More About Lupin Filming Locations

The Pellegrini family home is situated in Musee Nissim de Camondo on Rue de Monceau, Paris. The home is also featured in part two flashback to Babakar Diop. It was played by Fragasse Assande. Babaker Diop is the father of Assane Diop, hired by the Pellegrini family. During the time when Benjamin guides a drone to Hubert’s office before the concert. It’s the Pellegrini family home in Paris.

Still from Lupin.

The Museum on Rue de Monceau of the 18th century is filled with art and treasures, with many of those appearing onscreen. Yet there’s a sad story behind that treasure. The head of the socialite family, Moise de Comando, had fascinated himself by the world of art for decades. His interest extended to the house of Rue de Monceau.

He donated everything to the French nation. Musse Nissim de Camondo is in the name of Sony, who was killed in World War I. Townhall, Library, art gallery, all the places that are featured in the Lupin web series are the French places located in Paris. Each place has its history.

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