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Love Knots Filming Locations: All The Visuals & Shots

Love Knots

Incendo is a production house that has a massive production unit for at least a couple of movies a year. They have created a beautiful niche for themselves which caters to the fans or audience as per their liking. Incendo and Screentime have made a point that a small-budgeted movie is to be produced maintaining the sheer minimalism of the genre. The slice of life moments are always found to be in the particular movie but the execution of the movies is often graced by the beautiful locations, good-looking actors, and a decent-efficient script. Love Knots is filmed very efficiently with a crisp script. Also, the movie had such a warm reception after its release, especially the locations were appreciated. People started asking questions like; Where is Love Knots filmed?

So, Love Knots feels like just another TV Movie but it has the essence and vibe of a completely different cinema. The way the movie has been shot and showcased is commendable. It is a perfect example of a ‘slice of life genre. The ‘slice of life’ movies are relatable and rooted. From the word go, Love Knots did not seem to lose grasp over the plot and the root of the movie. Clearly when the content is well written and one has blessed actors to showcase it on the screen, then what else does a graceful director require.

Love Knots Poster

Poster of Love Knots

Plot Details

The movie is all about an independent woman Jodie, who is still rooted in her heritage and culture. Through the sail-making company which is owned by her family. So the company base is located the near bay marina. The marina turns out to be a prospect to a multi-national company. Through which a luxury developer drops to the town. The developer, Charles has the motive to enhance the marina into a lavish setting. But the thought was soon to be opposed by Jodie who owns the sail-making company. To Jodie, the whole business of enhancing the marina into a whole new different thing is just only a money-spinning business. And she recognized the fact that if that happens the town, the marina will lose its charm and roots.

Still Love knots

A still from Love Knots

Soon a strain of mishaps happens which changes the course of the movie for a while. But soon entered the architect Will, who was supposed to design the whole enhancement. Amidst the process, Will and Jodie had numerous meet-ups and things did not look great initially. But after a while when Jodie started to educate Will about the town, the bay, and the heritage of the place. They both began to realize that they were liking each other’s company. So things take a light breezy start between them and then it passes the usual crisis averting moments.

Where Is Love Knots Filmed?

Love Knots is shot in New Zealand. There are numerous scenes in the movie which will make you feel like a New Zealander or a Kiwi. The tone and the root of the film with-holds the essence of New Zealand. This movie is Incendo and Screentime’s third project together. This movie is a tremendous effort towards the genre of such type. New Zealand has provided the beautiful locations for this gem of a movie. And the majority of the cast and crew is familiar with the places, it is visible that the potential of the locales is utilized to their fullest.

Bay Marina In New Zealand

Redmond’s Bay Marina In New Zealand

The backdrop of the movie is set in some basic suburbs and the bay area of New Zealand. There are certain corners of New Zealand which was well researched and with no such issues of the weather the shoot was commenced. The movie was shot in a minimal period and was well comforted by the locals. It was one of the rarest times when a New Zealand-based brand and Canada-based brand collaborated for a romantic slice of life movie. So locals were excited about the whole set-up. Also, another plus to the movie was that the shoot and the eventual release increased loads of tourism and local business enhancement. So the whole scenario of Love Knots being filmed in New Zealand was a win-win situation for everyone.

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