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Lori Harvey Net Worth: A Look At Her Modelling Career

Lori Harvey Net Worth
Lori Harvey and Michael B Jordan

What is Lori Harvey’s Net Worth? Earlier this year, Steve Harvey’s stepdaughter, Lori Harvey, got engaged to her boyfriend. Bride-to-be Lori Harvey is dating the “Creed” star, Michael B Jordan, making their relationship public in January and popping the question just a month later. The couple went on to reveal that they had been dating for quite a few months but wanted to keep it private. A lot of people have wanted to know about the life of Lori Harvey, including things like her net worth, career, etc. Here is all about the internet personality, who has made it to the top and is winning at life right now.

Lori is the daughter of Marjorie Harvey from her previous marriage. Marjorie started dating Steve Harvey and got married to him. He adopted Lori into the Harvey family. She also has two biological brothers. Even though its not a blood relation, Steve is quite proud of his stepdaughter. Growing up, he’s been nothing but very supportive of her. He has been boasting about how she was getting calls from universities from all around the country. She also received a sports scholarship to college.

Lori Harvey Net Worth

Lori Harvey & Michael B Jordan

What Does Lori Harvey Do?

Lori has interests of her own, and she is very good at them. Lori comes from a famous family and didn’t force any of their wishes on her. And let her decide whatever she wants to do with her life, as long as she’s not destroying it. She is quite happy that her stepfather kept her and her siblings out of the spotlight. Growing up, Lori was very athletic and loved riding horses. Wanting to be a professional horse rider, aka an equestrian, she went on to compete on a global level. Winning many championships and trophies, she also made a name for herself in the country by winning an Olympic medal. Unfortunately, she had to leave the sport as she suffered an injury in 2015.

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Not having another chance but to change her career, Lori went on to get back into modeling. She made her modeling debut back when she was three years old. And then, she left to live her life in private and as an athlete until 2015. She got back into modeling with Instagram and went on to sign with LA Models and Select Models agencies. Till now, she has worked for big brands in the industry like Dolce & Gabbana, Pat McGrath Lab, Chanel, Calvin Klein, and a lot more. Talking about her presence in the industry, she doesn’t really find women of color in the fashion industry. Holding the door open for the next person, she wants the next generation of girls to see her and get inspired to get out into the world.

Lori Harvey Net Worth

Lori Harvey at New York Fashion Week

What is Lori Harvey’s Net Worth?

Lori Harvey has an estimated net worth of $1 million. Along with having a huge fan base on social media, Lori being signed to some of the biggest modeling agencies in the industry helps her earn a stable income. Most of her earnings come from runway and photoshoot projects and the sponsorships she gets on social media. She has more than 3 million followers on Instagram, making it easier to get endorsement projects that pay enough. Earlier this year, she also teamed up with a fast-fashion brand named the Naked Wardrobe and went on to release her own clothing line. Naming the line “LH x Naked Wardrobe,” she released a collection of cozy clothes, also known as athleisure, on January 26.

Straight From The New York Fashion Week 2021

Lori’s recent modeling gig was at the New York Fashion Week. Collaborating with the E! News, the model went on the show to fans a day in her life throughout the show. From waking up at 7 am and getting ready for the backstage. As it was the first fashion show in the last two years, everybody on the team was excited. She was spending all day with make-up, styling, walking the ramp, and the photoshoots. After getting done with that, there is an after-party to attend before going to bed too.

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