Life After Lockup Season 3: Premiere Date & Couples

Life after lockup premiere date
Life after lockup.

Here, we shall discuss the premiere date for Life after lockup Season 3. The reality television show “Love After Lockup” and its spin-off series “Life after lockup” follows the lives of newly released convicts. The show looks into their significant others after they have been freed from prison. In “Love After Lockup,” the reality show experience takes on a different meaning. When the relationship’s barriers are eliminated, individuals meet their possible future partners for the first time. Along the rough path, there are many obstacles as well as some powerful emotions; however, these convicts are experiencing liberty for the first time in a long time. Audiences join along while they put down their basic prep for relationships and dive right into dating, meeting the family, and other anxiety-causing first-time experiences. Let us get into the details of the reality show and know more about the “Life after lockup” premiere date.

We TV renewed the second edition with new episodes on January 23, 2019. These episodes, which are a spin-off of the series Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup, began broadcasting on June 14 of 2019. “We TV” confirmed on December 7, 2017, that Love After Lockup would air on January 12 of 2018. It debuted on We TV on January 12, 2018. The program was renewed for season 2 on February 9 of 2018, and it debuted on December 7, 2018.

We TV launched on July 19 of 2019 that season 2 of Love After Lockup would come back on August 16, 2019, with a new set of episodes. On November 20, 2019, Love After Lockup and Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup were both extended for a 2nd and 3rd season, consecutively. We TV established on November 22, 2019, that season 2 of Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup would premiere on January 3, 2020. Season 3 will air on September 11, 2020, as confirmed on August 19, 2020.

Life After Lockup Season 3 Premiere Date

Life After Lockup Season 3 has already premiered on August 27 on WE tv. The extremely addictive show features ten former convicts and their loved others from the blockbuster show Love After Lockup on their strange and crazy adventure to endure reality together.

Life after lockup premiere date
Life after lockup promotional poster.

The couple in season 3 include Stan & Lisa (St. Louis, MO), Lacey & Shane (Virginia Beach, VA), Daonte, Nicolle & Tia (Virginia Beach, VA / North Carolina), Marcelino & Brittany (Las Vegas, NV), Shawn, Sara & Destinie (Las Vegas, NV / Cincinnati, OH), Britney & Ray (Houston, TX), John & Kristianna (Cresco, IA), Amber & Puppy (Atlanta, GA), 

Audiences will be surprised to learn whether couples make it outside the prison bars and dedicate themselves to their romances this season. It won’t be simple, though, because they’ll have to battle the outside world’s temptations while simultaneously learning to adjust to their new routine. Brace yourselves for the coming “Life After Lockup” premiere date.

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Couples in season 3

Marcelino & Brittany

Brittany sets plans to build a rehab facility and be a social counselor as Marcelino and Brittany relocate into their ideal home with adequate space for all of their children and pets. Brittany’s entrepreneurial ambitions take her back into contact with other former convicts. Will her decisions take her back down the risky path, sabotaging their budget and marriage is something to be witnessed.

Marcelino & Brittany

Daonte, Nicolle & Tia

Nicolle hooks up with her jail girlfriend (Tia) behind her current partner’s back, or so she believes, while Daonte and Nicolle keep working on her relationship. Nicolle makes an effort to preserve connections with both, but she will be able to do so for long, and will it last is the question that needs to be answered.

Life after lockup Season 3 Premiere Date
Daonte and Nicolle

Lacey & Shane

Lacey’s earnings take a dip since having given birth to Summer as the family’s sole provider. Shane later quits his work to assist with the children. But then when he avoids daddy responsibilities and vanishes for the entire day, he may be maintaining relationships both in-person and online. What happens to this family? Will they have a happy ending?

Life after lockup Season 3 Premiere Date
Lacey & Shane

Britney & Ray

Britney does not give Ray a chance to relax and embrace his liberty, insisting that he obtain a job, marry her, and give her a kid as soon as possible. Will Ray live up to her hopes?

Life after lockup Season 3 Premiere Date
Britney and Ray

Stan & Lisa

Lisa and Stan give their best to make their relationship work after a rough start. She has her worries about Stan’s financial situation. At times, it seems like their wacky basement escapades are the only thing that’s keeping them intact. Lisa and Stan each have issues they want to keep hidden from one other, but will they be revealed at once? What happens after?

Life after lockup Season 3 Premiere Date
Stan and Lisa

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John & Kristianna

John guarantees Kristianna the Christian wedding she’s always wanted, and so this time, she’s on the hunt for the ideal location and gown. Can John hand over the reins to Kristianna and not turn the wedding a hit?

Life after lockup Season 3 Premiere Date
John & Kristianna

Shawn, Sara & Destinie 

Shawn was speaking with this other inmate, Sara while seeking Destinie. He is certain that Sara might be the one this time. He is willing to give up everything, even his family and profession, in the quest for genuine love. Sara’s release date is nearing, but Shawn is concerned that the same falsehoods he told Destinie may come back to haunt him and Sara, on the other hand, has her mysteries.

Shawn and Sara

Amber & Puppy

Puppy goes missing after their nasty breakup, and Amber is worried that she has reverted or is back in prison. She attempts to track down Puppy on her own. Later, the two start dating new lovers. But their new beaus have indeed been convicted of crimes identical to Amber and Puppy’s.

Amber and Puppy

Stay tuned to know more.

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