‘Knowing Bros’ Season 6 Episode 38: The South Korean Singer Gray Gifts ‘Knowing Bros’ ‘The MOAM Song’

Knowing Bros
Knowing Bros

After rappers, actors, and models, it’s time for hip-hop artists to appear on ‘Knowing Bros’. The most famous South Korean musicians came together in the previous episode of ‘Knowing Bros’. Also, the episode was filled with laughter and a lot of amazing acts. The guests that were invited to the show are Simon Dominic, Gray, LeeHi, and Code Kunst. In the ‘Knowing Bros’ Season 6 Episode 38 article, we will cover all the details on how the idols made the episode even more memorable.

Simon D is a South Korean hip-hop artist who was a member of the duo ‘Supreme Team’ but they disbanded in 2013. The idol performed with LeeHi on a ballad song on the ‘Knowing Bros’ episode. Another guest Gray is a singer and rapper who is signed with the AOMG label. His act was the most surprising one for the cast as well as the audience as he gave a special gift to the ‘Knowing Bros’ team. Let’s find out what happened in the previous episode.

What Happened In The Previous Episode?

The ‘Knowing Bros’ family welcomes Simon Dominic, Gray, LeeHi, and Code Kunst as guests on the variety show. The episode is going to be hot as candidates will fight to become hip-hop club president of the class. As it will be Chuseok (Autumn evening) next week the ‘Knowing Bros’ cast starts with making wishes to the fake full moon. Then, transfer students from ‘The hip musician under the same label’ school enters the class.

It is the second time idol LeeHi is visiting the MOAM school but this is Simon D’s first visit. Even though it is the hip-hop star’s first visit the ‘Knowing Bros’ members do not hesitate to make him uncomfortable. One of the members initiates the discussion on the reason why Simon D has not visited before and Soo-Geun’s name comes up. Then they move on to Code Kunst and he peculiarly looks like he has an upset stomach. The ‘Knowing Bros’ previous episode has many funny moments and we will get into the specifics of it.

Knowing Bros- Simon Dominic, Gray, LeeHi, and Code Kunst
Knowing Bros- Simon Dominic, Gray, LeeHi, and Code Kunst

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A Special Duet Performance on ‘Knowing Bros’

Gi Seok Jung (Simon D) and LeeHi surprise everyone when they reveal that they are going to do a special performance for ‘Knowing Bros’. As the beat drops, the two idols begin to sing the song ‘We were good together. We can see the emotions in the singers’ voices while they are performing. Even though the singers are famous for their hip-hop and rap music, their ballad performance takes the classroom high over clouds.

After the beautiful ballad song, it’s Gray’s turn to perform and the singer composes a new song called ‘The MOAM Song’. One of Grey’s talents is that the singer can compose songs on spot. For the act, Gray compiles the sample voices of all the ‘Knowing Bros’ members and mix them up with a twist to make the Saturday nights sound much more elegant. ‘The MOAM Song’ is a present from Gray to the ‘Knowing Bros’ team.

The MOAM song
The MOAM song

The Limbo Act

Code Kunst’s strength is that he never loses at limbo and he plans to break the previous limbo record on ‘Knowing Bros’ that was 78cm. Will the rapper be able to break the record? let’s find out. The first challenge is for 100cm and Code is able to cross the bar with a little struggle. Following the bar is set at 90cm height and again Code passes the level. While everyone struggles with the 80cm bar Code Kunst is able to break the record of 78cm. Finally, we move on to 77cm and the rapper wins the challenge along with the right to perform two songs with his label.

Code breaks the limbo record on the 'Knowing Bros'
Code breaks the limbo record on the ‘Knowing Bros’

‘Knowing Bros’ Season 6 Episode 38 Release Date

The ‘Knowing Bros’ Season 6 Episode 38 release date is 14th December 2021. In the previous episode, the team welcomes Simon Dominic, Gray, LeeHi, and Code Kunst as transfer students. Next in the ‘Knowing Bros’ Episode 38, we will see Lim Yoon A and Park Jun Min make an appearance. In the upcoming episode, the actors will perform acts like putting a phone screen cover and skit competition. Make sure to catch the ‘Knowing Bros’ Season 6 Episode 38 to get on the laughter train.

Where To Watch ‘Knowing Bros’ Season 6 Episode 38

The ‘Knowing Bros’ variety show is also known as ‘Men on a mission and ‘Ask Us Anything’. It is a television show and new episodes are released every Saturday on South Korean broadcast channel jTBC. International fans can watch the show on the global streaming site Netflix.

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