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Kingdom: Legendary War Reveals Round 2 Rankings & A Glimpse Into the Sports Day Event

Kingdom: Legendary War Sports Day Event
THE BOYZ’s Hyunjae and BTOB’s Eunkwang tied for fourth place, THE BOYZ’s Sunwoo came in third, Stray Kids’ Felix took second, and BTOB’s Minhyuk won first place.

The most awaited result for Kingdom: Legendary War Round 2, is all out now. The announcement for the final result is yet to take place. However, the points and votes from all the determining criteria have been officially declared. The announcement for round 2 results took place partly by part. Kingdom: Legendary War Round 2 was RE-BORN wherein idol groups recreated the songs of the other chosen idol groups. The show depicts the tough and fierce competition between six idol groups. They are Ateez, The Boyz, BTOB, Stray Kids, iKON, and SF9. Furthermore, only one idol group will be the winner and take the crown of K-pop King.

The explanation for Kingdom: Legendary War ranking and evaluation’s process already took place in the first episode of Kingdom: Legendary War. There are mainly four criteria for determining and evaluating the final ranking of each round. The whole show’s final ranking determination will also take place on the same criteria. The first criteria are the six competing group self-evaluation points that contribute 25% of the ranking. Secondly is the voting of the experts, consisting of thirty members that contribute 25% of the ranking. Thirdly is the global voting, including national and international that contributes 40% of the ranking. The fourth and final is the video view count for the performance that contributes 10% of the ranking.

Kingdom: Legendary War: Round 2 Initial Ranking

Kingdom: Legendary War Round 2 initial rankings got their revelation in episode 5. Round 2 came to an end in episode 5 that got is release on April 29, 2021. The initial ranks only tallied the votes of six competing groups and thirty expert judge’s evaluations. It means only fifty percent had been taken into account. The other fifty percent from the video counts views and votes from fans were left for taking into account under the initial rankings for round 2.

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The overall initial results of round 2 have put Ateez in the first place, SF9 in second place, BTOB in third place, iKON in fourth place, Stray Kids in fifth place, and The Boyz in sixth place. SF9 got 747,126 as Expert’s vote and 1,388,889 as self-evaluation points. The Boyz got 919,540 as of the Expert’s vote and 0,000 as self-evaluation points. iKON got 862,069 as of the Expert’s vote and 8,33,333 as self-evaluation points. Ateez got 1,321,839 as the Expert’s vote and 8, 33,333 as self-evaluation points. BTOB got 632,184 as of the Expert’s vote and 1,388,889 as self-evaluation points. Stray Kids got 517,214 as Expert’s vote 555,556 as self-evaluation points.

Kingdom: Legendary War: Round 2 Second Ranking

Kingdom: Legendary War round 2 final rankings got their revelation in episode 6 that got its release on May 06, 2021. The episode revealed the final ranking as a whole for round 2 after taking into account the other fifty percent of video counts views and votes from fans and tallying them with the initial rankings. Fans voting started on April 29 at 22:00 KST and came to an end on May 02 at 23:59 KST through the Whosfan app. Only the top three performances votes of the viewers have been taken into account. Likewise, views on the full performances for the first three days of its release will only be counted.

Kingdom: Legendary War: Sports Day Event

Kingdom: Legendary War Sports Day Event took place on Episode 6. The release date for Episode 6 was May 06, 2021. The episode also described Round 3 and the opportunity for choosing groups and forming a team. However, a holding of a friendly sports day took place for some fun and bonding. It is also a break for the six competing groups to relieve some tensions before moving forward to the next round.

The name for the sports day event was Kingdom Athletic Championship. The group for the sports day event is the same as that of Round 3. Hence, there were two teams. One team consists of Ateez, BTOB, and Stray Kids. The other one has iKON, The Boyz, and SF9 as the team. Sports Day event had three competitions, groups’ relay race, head-and-tail-game, and vault event. The team consisting of Ateez, BTOB, and Stray Kids were the winners of the sports day event. The sports day event also saw a special contest wherein each member of the idol groups was asked to vote for the visual king from the idol groups. 

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